Hustings, 19 April, SNP candidate, Anna Richardson, Glasgow

Anna Richardson is an existing Scottish National councillor on Glasgow City council and is standing for election on 04 May 2017.  Here is the text that she sent us:

“I have been a councillor for Langside in Glasgow since 2015, and am one of the SNP candidates for this election. I also work part time for NCT, a national parenting charity, as well as caring for my three young children. I have an honours degree in Geography and a Masters in Human Resources, both of which have informed my work in the Council.

My particular interests in the Council are varied, but all centre on making our city a better place to live, in particular for women, children and families who are often affected the most by our policies. I am passionate about education, especially early years and childcare, as well as planning and active travel. There is so much crossover between all these issues, and seeing where those connections lie is critical to achieving the best outcomes.

I took up cycling three years ago, but have only used it as a regular mode of transport in the last 12 months, having felt apprehensive about sharing busy roads with cars and buses. I am the proud owner of a very reliable hybrid, and resisting the urge to invest in any more wheels for the time being!

Having spent most of my adult life feeling too scared to cycle has shaped the way I view active travel, and the steps we must take if we are to make real progress. My vision for Glasgow is a city that enables anyone to jump on a bike, however young or old, and regardless of fitness level. And I will always make the case for active travel as a social justice issue that reduces air pollution for all and provides cost effective transport to households whether they are carless through choice or financial necessity.

I am delighted to be able to represent the SNP at these hustings, and believe our Glasgow group is standing on an excellent active travel manifesto. I hope to be part of the team who will, all being well, have the chance to implement these commitments.”

Tomorrow, the Conservative candidate on our panel.