Hustings: candidate Robert Brown, Liberal Democrats

Robert Brown

Here’s Robert Brown’s statement on active travel:

Councillor Robert Brown – Scottish Liberal Democrat Party Candidate

Sustainable and local – the Liberal Democrat challenge for cycling and walking Everyone agrees that cycling and walking are good for health and good for the planet – and should be the accepted norm for everyday shorter journeys, for work and recreation. Scotland’s Cycling Action Plan wants 10% of all journeys by bike by 2020 –it currently hovers around 1%. There is much to do!

Yet the tools are in place for a step change – a national walking and cycling network, extended cycle paths within cities, a London-style bicycle hire scheme in Glasgow, bicycle training and support in many schools, superb parks and city and urban walking paths. But perhaps not the climate!

Liberal Democrats believe that critical mass for moving forward should be based on:
• Local community projects to encourage walking and cycling – like Rutherglen and Cambuslang’s Bike Town combining support, training, a bike hub and accessible events
• Sustained funding at Council level to improve/complete walking and cycling networks, particularly in towns and cities
• Better integration with other transport modes including more provision for bikes on trains and more cycle hubs
• An emphasis on safe segregated or off-main road routes to school, work and for leisure
• Focused action to make walking and cycling routes more attractive – eliminate air pollution hotspots; reduce speed limits in residential areas to 20mph, tackle the menace of potholes
• A renewed focus on Green Transport Plans for employers and schools

A Green Transport Act could give an impetus to the necessary step change – the litmus tests are sustainable and local.”

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