Politicians and cycling – the campaign for 2016 is on its way


Patrick Harvie, Green MSP, shown here speaking  at yesterday’s Cycling Scotland Conference in Edinburgh.  Other politicians with him on the panel were, from next to Patrick, Jim Eadie, SNP, who is a member of the Cross Party Group on Cycling at Holyrood, David Stewart, Labour and keen cyclist Willie Rennie of the LibDems.  All 4 spoke on their views for cycling, albeit in advance of the publication of their respective party’s manifestos.  (The Conservatives were invited but declined to be represented).

Patrick is one of the speakers booked for the GoBike! Hustings on 16 March 2016 – further details here on our Meetings page – all as part of the We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote campaign for every one  of us in Scotland to get our views to prospective MSPs for next May’s Holyrood Elections.

Earlier in the day Derek Mackay, Transport Minister (also confirmed as a speaker at the GoBike! Hustings) announced details of the new Community Links Plus competition.