Stop pavement parking: please act now.

Pavement parking Scotland

Yesterday evening, 22 September, the Cross Party Group on Cycling, chaired by Alison Johnstone, MSP (Green) met at Holyrood, and a presentation was given by Stuart Hay of Living Streets Scotland on the Responsible Parking Bill, being brought forward by Sandra White, Glasgow Kelvin constituency MSP (SNP).

Stuart explained that it currently not illegal to park on a dropped kerb, hence cars may park on the dropped kerbs at the end of cycleways, and while it is illegal to drive on a footway, the driver must be seen to drive onto the footway; no action will be taken if the vehicle is parked on the footway!  The bill also tackles double parking, which adds danger to the roads for cyclists but also, critically, impedes the passage of emergency vehicles.

Further detail is given on the Living Streets website

Please scroll down the page on their website and click on the blue box to e-mail David Mundell, the Secretary of State for Scotland to support this bill.

GoBike was represented at the Cross Party Group by the Convenor.  Other groups represented are: Spokes, Pedal on Parliament, CTC, Sustrans, Cycling Scotland and Road Share.