Union Street Glasgow: an opportunity for cycling not to be missed!


Glasgow City Council propose changes to Union Street by moving a taxi rank and parking places, changes to Argyle Street by removing the westbound lane under the Hielanman’s Umbrella and associated changes on Jamaica Street, Midland Street and Oswald Street.  This is ostensibly being done to improve bus flow but we see it as an opportunity missed to “humanise” Union Street and our alternative proposal to introduce a two-way contraflow cycling lane on Union Street (with the potential to extend south along Jamaica Street to the river) is here: TRO opportunity

Full details of the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) are given on the City Council website; there’s a link to the website and the GoBike letter in response to the TRO on our Consultations page.  If you support our counter proposal to get a good cycle facility to and from Glasgow Central Station please write into Glasgow City Council, by e-mail to graeme.dewar@glasgow.gov.uk by the closing date of 04 March 2016.

It should be noted that we have already discussed our proposal with Glasgow City Council, via the Glasgow Cycling Forum (set up on the initiative of GoBike!) and we are delighted that they are currently modelling the route!  Also of interest is the item on the Glasgow Taxis website opposing the changes, see: http://www.glasgowtaxis.co.uk/news/145-proposed-traffic-regulation-order.html

We will no doubt hear more of these proposals!