20mph speed limit for Glasgow – under threat of very slow implementation.

20mph sign blue sky

Glasgow City Council’s Sustainability and the Environment Policy Development Committee meets on Wednesday 03 February to consider the report instructed from Land and Environment Services (LES) following the petition submitted last year requesting the implementation of a 20mph speed limit for most of the roads and streets within the city.  Hopefully, if you live in Glasgow, you signed the petition, which was set up by one of our GoBike! members.

LES have now submitted their report to the committee and it falls far short of the remit they were given!

The original remit given to LES is here and the full report for the committee is given here The 20mph report is Item 3 on pages 71 – 76 (yes, Councillors get a lot of reading!).  (You will see that Item 2 is the latest draft of The Strategic Plan for Cycling, which you might find of interest.)

We have now written to the committee members to request that they ask LES to meet the terms they were instructed to report on.  Our letter is here: SE Pol Dev Cttee letter 310116

If you care about the 20mph limit being implemented within the next few years, rather than over 40 years as per the current programme, please write to the councillors on the committee, particularly if one of them represents your ward.  They are listed at: http://glasgow.gov.uk/councillorsandcommittees/committee.asp?bodyid=8&bodytitle=Sustainability+and+the+Environment+Policy+Development+Committee