Edinburgh: proposed Cycle Way under threat! Please act!


Today’s Herald (30 Jan 2016) contains this article on page 9: http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/14241308.Cycleway_will_put_us__out_of_business___warn_Edinburgh_traders/

GoBike! has replied to the article to quote reports that trade for these businesses will increase, not decrease, with a cycle way outside, see: GoBike Letter Herald 300116

In the Glasgow area it was the A81 Bears Way cycle route that has been threatened and now in Edinburgh, it is the radial A8 route along Roseburn Terrace and up to Haymarket that is under threat.  These are the very sort of cycle facilities we need to have if we are to increase cycling and active travel to the aspirations set out by our politicians and others.  If you want to see cycling increase where you are, please write in to the Herald today!