Consultation Extra: Round-up (08-11-23)

A second bite…

Some consultations have slipped through the net recently (due to limited time to produce the Digest). This Extra rounds up some of the ones that would otherwise have missed out.

The following are in date order – you’ve not got long to respond to the first project, which takes a bite out of Apple’s ambitions…

East Ayrshire

Infinity Loop, Kilmarnock

Map of proposed Kilmarnock Infinity Loop
Map of proposed Kilmarnock Infinity Loop

Organisation: Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA).
Subject: A 26km(!) ‘figure of eight’ network of walking, wheeling, and cycling routes in and around Kilmarnock. Consultation is about proposals for route 1 (purple line) and route 2 (orange line). The central Route 1 includes a segregated cycleway on Glasgow Rd by Tesco (taking width from hatching/right-turn lanes and grass verge). The eastern Route 2 has a segregated cycleway on Grassyards Rd towards Kay Park. Both would replace some current painted/soft segregated bike lanes (with shared paths in other sections). This ambitious project will need wide support to avoid a Holmston Rd/Causeyside St situation –please consider filling in the multiple choice parts of survey (link below).
Website links: Killie Infinity Loop webpage, KIL project storymap and KIL survey.
Deadline: Sunday 12 November 2023.

School Street Trial, Hurlford

Map of Hurlford School Street trial
Map of Hurlford School Street trial measures

Organisation: Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA).
Subject: School Streets trial in Academy Street and Union Street, Hurlford. Temporary bollards and reduction in parking spaces directly in front of Hurlford Primary School.
Website links: Hurlford School Streets webpage and (very short) School Streets survey.
Deadline: No obvious deadline.

Argyll & Bute

Oban Town Centre North Active Travel

Council: Argyll & Bute
Subject: Early stages of project to explore opportunities for new active travel improvements around The Corran Esplanade and George Street in Oban. 
Website links: Oban Town Centre North Active Travel webpage, Oban North AT boards, Oban North AT ‘virtual exhibition’ and Oban North AT survey (one page).
Deadline: 30 November 2023.

South Lanarkshire

East Kilbride South Neighbourhood Planning 2023

Council: South Lanarkshire
Subject: Local planning project about a wide range of issues including transport and public spaces. Intended for residents of the southern part of East Kilbride – doesn’t mention neighbourhoods but presumably Greenhills, Whitehills, Mossneuk, etc.
Website links: EK South Neighbourhood Planning webpage and EK South Neighbourhood Planning survey.
Deadline: 30 December 2023.