Cycling in Glasgow: open letter to the Council plus proposal to improve the Broomielaw


Four items, among others, have been discussed at the Glasgow Cycling Forum over the years and we have now written to Councillor Martin McElroy and Andy Waddell, Head of Infrastructure Services, Land & Environmental Services to ask for updates on:

  • Implementation of the new Strategic Plan for Cycling: has it been briefed to staff and do they have a copy available to use?
  • 20mph in the city centre: the signs are up, but it is operative?
  • Bus Lane operation: following the consultation in late 2014 what are the hours of operation?
  • Advanced Stop Lines: it has been agreed at the Cycling Forum that these will be installed at traffic light controlled junctions.  What is the current position?


Plus, one of our members, who commutes along the Broomielaw, has written in to the Council to propose making the Fastlink bus lane closest to the Clyde a two-way cycle lane, moving the westbound buses from this lane to the eastbound lane and for the eastbound buses to stay on the main carriageway from the Clyde Arc (Squinty) Bridge to the city centre.  Since the current pedestrian/cycle way is very busy and the bus lanes are not busy, we think this is eminently sensible.  We have voiced our support for this in our letter, which may also be found on the Glasgow Cycling Forum page of our website: GoBike Open Letter to GCC 150416

We await a response!