European Cycle Challenge 2016 – May 1st – 31st. Take part, in Glasgow!


Here’s a message we are passing on from Glasgow City Council:

European Cycle Challenge 2016 – May 1st – 31st.



You are invited to participate in the photocall for the launch of Glasgow’s participation in the European Cycling Challenge.

When: 9.30am for 10.00am, Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Location: Anderston Bridge (previously known as the Bridge to Nowhere), by the cycle counter on the Argyle St side of the bridge. Please note, the bridge spans between Waterloo Street and Argyle Street, Anderston.

Details: Local cyclists and cycling representatives from various organisations including Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council come together to show their support for Team Glasgow as the city takes part in its first European Cycle Challenge. Glasgow is the only city in Scotland to have signed up for the challenge.

All those who attend and sign up for the challenge at the launch event will receive a promotional saddle cover and a Glasgow city cycle map bandana, courtesy of Glasgow City Council.

Download the cycling365 app available for all platforms and track your journeys.

Further information on the European Cycle Challenge is available at:

How does it work and which cycle journeys count?

Each individual will be asked to register their cycle journeys, the more distance pedalled, the better the city will do. All cycle journeys will be tracked through the cycling365 phone app which you can download at:

Commuting, business travel by bike, leisure cycling, even training rides count. Only competitive sporting events and static bike miles aren’t included.

The information is used to create a live European wide ‘heat map’ to show where everyone, throughout Europe is cycling. The app also generates individual heat maps with stats on how far and how often you have cycled.

How can you help?

Your support will help encourage widespread participation. The more people who participate in the launch and event as a whole, the more useful the data provided will be.

At the end of the May, the city with the highest number of registered cycled kilometres will be declared the winner.

There are also excellent prizes donated by the leaders in cycling. Details of these will be available on the web page shortly.

Additional Info.

Social media

During the challenge GCC will have an ongoing promotion via social media and will be using the hashtags #glasgowcycling and #ecc2016

A banner is attached. Please feel free to circulate this or add to your website.


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