Potential Off Road Cycle Track in East End of Glasgow

Provan Road to Glasgow Kelvin College Off Road Cycle Route

When responding to a recent consultation, GoBike members identified an opportunity for a new off road cycle route that would:

  • link two Glasgow Parks, Alexandra and Hogarth;
  • provide a safe route to cycle for those going to Glasgow Kelvin College’s East End Campus;
  • as well as enable people,from Kenny Hill, Riddrie and Carntyne, to cycle to the Forge Shopping Areas, while minimizing the amount of time cycling on the road.

Provan Road to GKCEEC Overview

The route follows part of the old Caledonian Railway line.  This stretch went from Blockairn Junction to Dalmarnock.  There are three railway bridges that cross the  route: Gadie Street, Cumbernauld Road and Edinburgh Road.

Unfortunately the Gadie Street bridge is currently being used as a dumping ground.

Gaudie Street Bridge

However looking south, over the rubbish, the potential can almost be seen.

South from Gaudie Street

This potential becomes more visible continues as you follow the railway line.  Looking South from the bridge that crosses the Cumbernauld Road a well worn track can already be seen.

South from Cumbernauld Road

The bridge that carries the 6 lanes of Edinburgh Road also shows promise.

Edinburgh Road Bridge

While turning around from the point the picture was taken above the flat surface of the old railway line stands out.

Edinburgh Road Bridge South

There would be a great deal of work to be done to turn this into a viable off road cycle track, taking cyclists away from the traffic on the Edinburgh and Cumbernauld Roads.  However, the potential is there and is waiting to be exploited.  This is something GoBike will continue to explore and discuss with the Council.  We will keep you updated on developments

The Google Map above shows the Cycle Path in context of Alexandra Park, Hogarth Park, Glasgow Kelvin College and the Forge Shopping Areas.