Glasgow’s STRATEGIC PLAN FOR CYCLING (2016 -2025) – 2016 Action Plan Review

GoBikers!  We have been sent, late on 14 February, the following e-mail:


Please find attached colour and B&W versions of the draft 2016 Action Plan Review. The final version will be placed on the Council’s cycling webpages later this month.

A report was submitted to the Sustainability and Environment Committee on 01 February 2017, visit

Kind regards, Allan

Allan Maclean

Project Officer, Technical Services, Land & Environmental Services

Glasgow City Council, 231 George Street, GLASGOW G1 1RX

Phone 0141 287 9038  ”

Note: 1. The photos are Glasgow City Council’s – the one above is from the Strategic Plan for Cycling – GoBike does not know where all this cycle route kilometrage is.  2. GoBike is the organisation that initially proposed that Glasgow City Council start a Cycling Forum.  3.  We were not consulted on the Review; it was conducted internally with all the departments involved submitting their updates and it is intended that a review will be carried out annually.  4. The last meeting of the Cycling Forum was held on 24 August 2016 – the minutes are not yet available – and the date of the next meeting has not yet been determined.