How much space!

It is an iconic image from, the City of Münster, taken in 1991, to show the space required to transport 72 people. It has been copied many times and we want to recreate it for Glasgow, so need your help.

We were inspired by Metro Houston, who tweeted their version during the week.

Like a solar eclipse, this aligned with this Sunday, 27th August 2017, seeing the HSBC City Ride come to Glasgow.  As part of this a number of the city centre roads are to be closed.  Including Ingram Street, in front of the Gallery of modern Art (GoMA).  What could be a better back drop for a Glasgow version.


So if you are in town on Sunday for the HSBC City Ride, or you are just out and about on your bike, pop along to GoMA at 10:15 to take part in How Much Space! the Glasgow addition.