#HowMuchSpace Very Rough Schedule

So tomorrow is the day we take a photo on Ingram Street for #HowMuchSpace.  Below is a rough schedule for the morning.  It is going to be a very fluid 45 minutes, but hopefully everyone will have a wee bit of a laugh in the process.  Ultimately we hope to have an image that shows how much space is needed to move a number of people by car or bikes in a recognisable part of Glasgow.

#HowMuchSpace Very Rough Schedule

10:00 Congregate at GoMA

10:15 Group Photo in Front of GoMA

10:16 Go to “Car” Positions marked out along Ingram Street

10:30 Take “Car” Photo

10:31 All those in “cars” then line up along Ingram Street

10:40 Take bike photo

10:41 Any other cyclist join the line of bikes along Ingram Street

10:43 Take Final Photo

If time, everyone spreads out to fill Ingram Street and Take Final Final Photo

10:45 Depart for the start of HSBC City Ride

Tomorrow should be a good day for being out on a bike in the centre of Glasgow.