Kelvin Walkway, Glasgow, Tree Felling means diversion and partial closure today and the rest of the week.

Here’s the text of a letter we were sent yesterday, not directly but by one of our members:

Important Information from Scottish Water

Owner /Occupier
12th March 2019
Taking care of your Sewer Network in Glasgow
What we are doing
We are working hard to protect and enhance the natural environment in Scotland. Further to the
investigation works carried out along the River Kelvin in August 2018, we now require to carry out
preparation works in advance of the main project in the Summer of 2019. The project will help
improve the environment of the River Kelvin and help prevent items such as rags, wet wipes that
are wrongly flushed down the toilet from overflowing into the River Kelvin during storm events.
Please visit for a 2min video overview of the benefits of the
When are we doing it
Preparation works are to be carried out on the Kelvin
walkway from 18th March for 5 days. A section of the
walkway near Garrioch Drive will be closed on 19th March
for 1 day. Diversions will be in place. See page 2 for details.
Your water supply should not be affected during this period and toilets and sinks can be
used as normal.
What happens next
• A manhole survey is to be carried out along the sewer near the Kelvin walkway.
• Works vehicles will access down to the walkway from Garrioch Drive.
• To make space for the new infrastructure we require to remove some trees. New trees will be
planted upon project completion. We have also carried out ecology surveys and tree surveys
before we started the project. Careful consideration has been taken in order to minimise the
number of trees being removed.
• A large tree that has a fungal disease (near the Kelvin walkway off Garrioch Drive) is required
to be removed as it is in a precarious condition. Trees are normally removed section by
section using a tree surgeon on a harness. This method is not possible due to the poor
condition so the ‘timber’ method of the whole tree in one cut will have to be carried out on
Tuesday 19th March. We expect the force of the fall of the tree may damage the footpath so
will have a squad ready to reinstate the footpath.
Project reference
Our alliance partner amey Black & Veatch
will carry out our work on our behalf.

• You may notice minor noise from construction vehicles and an increase in construction
vehicles parked in the street.
• Our working times shall be Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we complete this essential work.
Yours Sincerely
Paul Milligan
aBV Communications Manager