GoBike Ride – The Bridges of Glasgow – Sunday 2nd December

Sunday 2 December – The Bridges of Glasgow

For our final ride of the year we will take a trip crossing all of the bridges across the River Clyde within Glasgow (except of course for the motorway and railway bridges). Once this has been accomplished, we’ll return back into the city along the Clyde Walkway.

18 miles, with some short lengths on main roads. Continue reading “GoBike Ride – The Bridges of Glasgow – Sunday 2nd December”

Consultation Extra: East Dunbartonshire Council, Local Development Plan 2, drop-in sessions, 04 December –

News just in on Friday from East Dunbartonshire Council:

“East Dunbartonshire Council is about to start working on a new Local Development Plan (LDP) for the area ? LDP 2. As a first step in this process, the Council’s ‘Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets Committee’ is scheduled to consider the work programme and early engagement proposals at its meeting on Thursday 29th November 2018. You can view the associated officer’s report, which includes details of the proposed consultation, via the Council’s Committee Document facility (Report No: PNCA/162/18/AL) from approximately 5pm today (Friday 23 November 2018). https://www.eastdunbarton.gov.uk/council/committees-councillors/search-documents/current-committee-documents-search

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Consultation Digest Issue 22, 20 November 2018: A bumper bundle of new consultations.

Good news: Glasgow City Council is looking to reduce traffic on Oswald Street and Union Street (pictured left) in an attempt to cut emissions. Not so good news is that no cycle lanes are proposed but see more detail in item 1.5. Excellent news: consultation is underway on improving walking and cycling on the “Underline”, (see Item 1.3) but bad news is that there is still no word on the status of contraflow for Elmbank Street to allow northbound cycle access to Sauchiehall Street (see Item 3.1 for this). We have lots more for you in this issue so do please read on. Continue reading “Consultation Digest Issue 22, 20 November 2018: A bumper bundle of new consultations.”

Busting the Myths About Business and Bikes

In the second of our two blogs looking at how increased provision for active travel to the area might affect local businesses, particularly in relation to Byres Road, GoBike members continue to examine the economic benefits that come with providing safe space for active travel.

Big changes are afoot on Byres Road. But big changes bring uncertainty – and one particular area for discussion has been how introducing segregated cycle lanes might affect local shops, cafes, and restaurants. Here, GoBike aims to clear up a few common myths by summarising the existing evidence about business and bikes. Continue reading “Busting the Myths About Business and Bikes”

Is Parking really so good for Business?

Following on from the release last week of an important Transport for London study on the Economic Benefits of Walking and Cycling, GoBike members have been looking at our local example of Byres Road, to see how increased provision for active travel to the area might affect local businesses. The conclusions are really heartening – in the first of two blogs, Jim Collinson looks here at parking.

Want to grow your business? You need less parking.

For businesses to grow, streets like Byres Road in Glasgow need more capacity. Here’s why traders should demand less parking, and a street designed for people, not cars. Continue reading “Is Parking really so good for Business?”

The Responsibility of the Media

On the 28th of October, the Sunday Herald did something that had many Sunday Herald readers checking the front page again to see that they hadn’t in fact bought the Daily Mail. They published a piece of opinion from one of their writers that was so full of prejudice, bile, and outright ignorance, that it led to four of the nine letters in the following weeks pages complaining about the piece. The subject? Yes of course you’ve guessed it, “cyclists”, or dare we say it, “cults in lycra”. We were copied into a complaint to the editor about the article, who defended the writer as “deliberately tongue in cheek and provocative”. Our complaining member responded rightly, to say that the piece was in fact gratuitously offensive. Steel yourselves, and read on if you dare. Continue reading “The Responsibility of the Media”

20 mph Bill Survey

We have blogged before about our support for the 20 mph bill currently going through Scottish Parliament. The committee have just launched a call for evidence which includes this short online survey that will allow you to add your support for a 20mph speed limit as standard on urban “restricted” roads. There is the option to be as quick as two clicks to complete this one so if you have half a minute please give it a go.

Read on for why we believe 20mph is a good thing. Continue reading “20 mph Bill Survey”