GoBike Live on Scotland Tonight

Did you catch us on Scotland Tonight a few weeks ago? We were asked to go live on STV to represent people cycling in a discussion about Sir Chris Hoy’s call to end the ‘Us and Them’ rhetoric sadly all too common on the roads (and in the media). Perhaps predictably, the discussion somewhat ignored this call and the questioning tried to lead the debate towards well… us and them talk about “bugbears” on the roads. We tried to steer that line towards more productive debate about the need for safe spaces for cycling…  Continue reading “GoBike Live on Scotland Tonight”

Evidence Doth Maketh the Facts

You may have noticed recently that the GoBike website has had a swanky new make over – and very pleased we are with it too. Thank you loads to our hard working web group volunteers for helping out with it.

One new resource we’ve added on there is an Evidence section packed full of publications, statistics, fact and figures for the most discerning of debaters and anecdotal myth naysayers. Continue reading “Evidence Doth Maketh the Facts”

Consultation Digest Issue 20, 23 October 2018: Barrhead travel routes, traffic plans for the new Robroyston Railway Station, Open Space Strategy for Glasgow and a couple of reminders

A reminder that the Barrhead South Travel Links Consultation event is tomorrow 24th October (see 1.1 below), and among other things we also have exciting news with the potential for good active travel links at the new station proposed for Robroyston. Continue reading “Consultation Digest Issue 20, 23 October 2018: Barrhead travel routes, traffic plans for the new Robroyston Railway Station, Open Space Strategy for Glasgow and a couple of reminders”

Councillor Tour – Newlands/Auldburn Ward

Ballie Kyle Thornton at the Auldhouse Roundabout (about to take his life in his hands to cross the Pollokshaws Rd dual carriageway)

Bob Downie took his local councillor on a tour of his ward this week, concentrating on the notorious Auldhouse Roundabout:

As everywhere in Glasgow, cycling in the Newlands/Auldburn Ward has its challenges, but none more so than the Auldhouse Roundabout. Bailie Kyle Thornton kindly agreed to join me in an examination of this location and this tour was therefore more a site-specific visit than a general excursion of the ward. Continue reading “Councillor Tour – Newlands/Auldburn Ward”

Consultation Extra: East Renfrewshire, South Barrhead Transport Accessibility Study, see the plans 24 October 4-8pm

A consultation invitation from East Renfrewshire, sent to us via Twitter:

We want to make travelling within East Ren easier, ensuring communities are connected to services, leisure and jobs. Help identify improvements to transport links in Barrhead on our interactive map  or drop-in to our event at Barrhead Foundry, 24 Oct, 4-8pm

http://www.placecheck.info/barrheadsouth/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialSignIn ”

If you live or work, or just visit Barrhead, do please get to the event on Wednesday 24th October, or put your views on the interactive map.


Consultation Digest Issue 19, 09 October 2018: Byres Road rethink, beyond Parkhead on the East City Way, and much more.

Many thanks to Iona for keeping you up-to-date so well while I was off on a big tour of Kenya – four weeks without getting on a bike – and what news there was. A massive rethink on Byres Road! Didn’t we all do well! That’s the power of lots of us letting people know our views, so please keep writing and answering those surveys. Let’s hope Byres Road does become as peaceful as this earlier publicity picture suggests, but with those all important segregated cycle lanes.

Continue reading “Consultation Digest Issue 19, 09 October 2018: Byres Road rethink, beyond Parkhead on the East City Way, and much more.”

GoBike Campaign Success

We have seen a massive turn around by the council this week following our campaigning for a segregated cycle lane for Byres Road (woop woop and yay for everyone involved!) and so to celebrate we thought it would be timely to highlight the campaigning we have been involved in over the last year or so.  A whistle stop tour for now, but look out for our new website coming soon, with more info. Continue reading “GoBike Campaign Success”

Consultation Extra: Glasgow – East City Way

Consultation for the up coming East City Way closes on Wednesday 10th of October so don’t miss out on putting forward your views. The East City Way will ultimately be a 7km fully bidirectional segregated cycle lane running from Mount Vernon up to the existing lane on London Road. We have been really pleased to see more safe segregated cycle lanes being proposed for Glasgow, and especially glad to see this now happening in the under provided for area of the east end. Plans for segregated cycle lanes always need our support and so if you have a couple of minutes, please fill out a really quick response here. Continue reading “Consultation Extra: Glasgow – East City Way”

GoBike Ride – Kilmacolm Circular – Sunday 7 October

Sunday 7th October – Kilmacolm Circular

We shall head out mostly on minor roads through Paisley, Linwood and Houston to Kilmacolm. After lunch, we’ll return to Paisley via the NCN75 path to visit a few more of the town’s attractions to be seen along the way, before continuing onwards to Glasgow. This ride has been rescheduled from March due to rather snowy conditions. All in, a 40 mile mix of urban and countryside sightseeing.
Continue reading “GoBike Ride – Kilmacolm Circular – Sunday 7 October”