Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 154, 07 March 2024

Rising in the East…

An earlier Digest ahead of the last East Renfrewshire drop-in event for five further projects. GoBike hopes the person cycling on Ayr Rd who was involved in a recent collision with a bus driver can make a full recovery.

Glasgow has plans for air quality, two projects in the West End and one in the East End. North Lanarkshire has an order for ambulance parking and a conservation consultation.

Section 1: Current Consultations
(in date order for responses)

1.1: Glasgow Air Quality Action Plan (Draft) 2024

Council: Glasgow City.
Subject: An update to the existing Glasgow Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP). Air pollution in the city centre has been gradually reducing and the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) has made a difference since 2018 (originally for buses). If trends continue, some of the city’s Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) may be revoked later this decade. These include the city centre and Dumbarton Rd/Byres Rd where active travel routes like Avenues and City Ways are part of the solution. However, emissions still haven’t reached guideline levels for nitrogen dioxide (NO2, especially around Hope St). Also, there’s a lot more to do on reducing single occupant car journeys, including expanding car clubs.
Website links: Draft Glasgow AQAP 2024air quality information and AQAP survey.
Deadline: 20 March 2024.

1.2: East Renfrewshire active travel projects (x5)

East Renfrewshire Active Travel projects 2024 map
East Renfrewshire projects map (click to enlarge)

Council: East Renfrewshire.
Subject: Following the A77 Phase 3 consultation there are five more projects:

  • A77 Active Corridor Phase 5+
  • Clarkston–Muirend Active Corridor
  • Clarkston–Thornliebank Active Corridor
  • Lower Whitecraigs Community Link
  • Wytch Wood Community Link

Visualisations show some potential changes including Dutch-style roundabouts, continuous pavements and side-by-side pedestrian/cycle crossings (similar to existing ones in East Kilbride). There will be more details in the next Digest.
Drop-in events have been on this week with the last one TODAY Thursday 7 March at Clarkston Library from 10am until 5pm.
Website links: East Renfrewshire Commonplace site.
Deadline: 31 March 2024.

1.3: North Woodside Road (Outdoor Public Space)

Proposal for North Woodside Road at Great Western Rd
Plans for the western end of North Woodside Road

Council: Glasgow City.
Subject: This started as an idea from Websters Theatre for a temporary public events space in the cul-de-sac outside their building. It was put forward for a council programme called Animating Spaces but has since been absorbed into the wider Connecting Woodside project. The latest plans feature a path, dropped kerb, cycle hire station and rain garden. The street is a useful link between the Kelvin Way and Great Western Road (and doesn’t currently have a drop kerb). While the plan might seem modest, removing two car parking spaces to fit it in might still get a negative reaction from some in the West End.
Featured: Digest 75, 1.1 (originally as “Websters Theatre – A New Public Space at Kelvinbridge”).
Website links: N Woodside Rd storymap and N Woodside Rd survey
Deadline: 12 April 2024.

1.4: Conservation Area Consultations (Coatbridge/Cumbernauld)

Council: North Lanarkshire.
Subject: Two consultations about lesser known Conservation Areas. The Coatbridge one is either side of Blairhill train station and the other is in Cumbernauld Village (the original settlement north of the town centre). While not directly related to cycling, the last few survey questions mention traffic and development.
Website links: Coatbridge: Blairhill and Dunbeth Conservation Area Consultation and Cumbernauld Village Conservation Area Consultation.
Deadline: 12 April 2024.

Section 2: Consultation Feedback

2.1: Glasgow City Network Delivery Plan presentation

Council: Glasgow City.
Subject: A talk by Kevin Argue of GCC about plans and progress from the city centre Avenues, the City Network, ‘Connecting…’ area projects and Liveable Neighbourhoods. A (very) quickfire overview of recent infrastructure, current construction and near future plans. Most of the projects listed have been covered in previous Digests (except Cadogan St?). One insight was the timescale – phases 0 and 1 of the City Network and design of phase 2 by an “aspirational” date of 2025?
Website links: Active Travel Cafe – A New Glasgow.

2.2: Helensburgh in Motion

Council: Argyll & Bute.
Subject: A consultation which slipped through the net last month (apologies – we tweeted it just before the deadline). Initial survey is closed but Page\Park architecture practice are due to report back with results and plans later in the year.
Website links: Helensburgh in Motion website.

Section 3: Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders

3.1: East Dunbartonshire TROs

Website links: East Dunbartonshire TROs.

3.2: Glasgow City TROs and Traffic Calming

Subject: An order to prohibit driving on part of Radnor St and others which are due to have new protected cycle lanes for Connecting Yorkhill & Kelvingrove. Deadline: 01 April 2024. Also, an order in advance of construction of the Avenues Plus routes on Duke St and John Knox St (starting 2025?). Deadline: 12 April 2024.
Website links: GCC Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders and GCC Proposed Traffic Calming Schemes.

3.3: North Lanarkshire TROs

Subject: Centre Park Court is road access for Asda car park and Coatbridge Health Centre and also part of NCN Route 75. The order reduces an Ambulance-only area outside the health centre, presumably to provide more space for car parking/pick-up/drop off. Deadline: 27 March 2024.
Website links: Centre Park Court Coatbridge Variation Order.