Colleges Cycle Route Glasgow, meeting with Councillor Martha Wardrop


3 members of the Go Bike committee met with Martha Wardrop, Green Party Councillor for Hillhead Ward last Friday (17 October) to discuss our concerns about proposed changes to the Colleges Cycle Route (see the earlier post of 01 October).  It was a very positive meeting; Martha has had concerns expressed from local traders as well as cyclists and other people in the area.

Go Bike response: Glasgow’s Strategic Plan for Cycling 2010 – 2020

Cycle near dooring then Tbone Colleges A Winter Oct14

Go Bike has responded to the request from Glasgow City Council, at the most recent Glasgow Cycling Forum meeting, to submit a response to Glasgow’s Strategic Plan for Cycling 2010 – 2020.  This document has, as its vision “Cycling will be the biggest participation activity in the City by 2020”.  Despite this ambitious vision, the City Council relies on external funding to deliver cycle infrastructure schemes, rather than dedicate a part of its budget!  Our response is: Glasgow’s Strategic Plan for Cycling – Go Bike Response Oct14

We will progress this at the next meeting of the Forum in December.

A81 Bears Way cycle proposals, East Dunbartonshire Council


East Dunbartonshire Council propose the installation of segregated cycle lanes on the A81 from Milngavie towards Hillfoot and eventually the Glasgow boundary.  The approach from EDC is generally good, but Go Bike have submitted comments, which may be seen here

If you use this road, watch out for further information from East Dunbartonshire and make sure your views are heard.

More people on bikes Manifesto!



On Saturday 04 October about 40 people, including 4 Go Bike members and representatives of pro-cycling groups from all over Scotland (at least from as far afield as Aberdeen and Dumfries) came together at the Sustrans offices in Edinburgh to resolve:

  1. How we work together constructively.
  2. Do we need a common manifesto for the 2016 Holyrood elections?

The answer to the second question was a resounding YES and we are now determined to work together to produce a manifesto aimed at getting more people to use bikes, and getting our elected representatives to take this on board.

If you wish to take an active role in this, please contact Go Bike.


Glasgow City Council (Colleges Cycle Route) Traffic Regulation Order, Go Bike objection

college cycle route phase2

The City Council have a laudable aim to improve the Colleges Cycle Route from Highburgh Road through to Jordan hill.  However, there is a notable gap in the cycle lane provision from Hyndland Road into Clarence Drive, parking is still to be allowed on cycle lanes and cycle lanes have been designed to the absolute minimum width, not even the desirable minimum.  Thus Go Bike has discussed the proposals and has submitted an Objection, which you can see here

If you wish to comment or submit an objection then please base your submission on this, if you wish.  If you are objecting to the proposals then clearly state that it is an objection.  Submissions close on Monday 13 October.

Dowanhill and Byres Road, parking increase, one-way streets and contraflow cycling


Glasgow City Council propose to increase parking in the Dowanhill and Byres Road area, introduce one-way streets to accommodate this and allow contraflow cycling.  Contraflow cycling is something Go Bike aspires to for one-way streets but GCC’s order and their drawing give no indication of signage, allow parking on both sides of streets, allow parking far too close to junctions and give no indication as to whether this is a localised policy or one that will be extended to cover the whole city.

Go Bike has thus submitted an objection to the proposals, which may be found here

If you live in the area, cycle through it or have concerns about these proposals we urge you to comment to the City Council.  The closing date is Friday 26 September and, if you wish to object, please state clearly that your submission is an objection.  You are welcome to use the Go Bike letter as a guide.

Go20 – good practice webinar for 20mph


2pm – 3.30pm GMT, Wednesday 1 October 2014, online webinar

GO20 web block 330x260pxAn essential webinar for local authority professionals and community leaders and campaigners considering or progressing 20mph limits in their area, to make walking and cycling safer and more appealing.




We have been told by our colleagues in England, where 20mph zones are regularly mandatory, about this webinar.  Should be worth watching.

Follow the link for more information and to register to view: