Partick: proposed parking changes and new one-way streets will restrict legal cycling


Glasgow City Council propose very welcome changes to control parking, primarily by commuters, in the residential streets of Partick to the west of Hyndland Road.  However, at the same time, they propose the introduction of one-way streets, with NO exemption for cyclists.  We contacted the council hoping to discuss this before the TRO consultation closes but to no avail.  Thus our objection has been submitted and our letter may be seen on our Consultations page.

We are particularly disappointed with this proposal because it is so completely at odds with what was promised when the Glasgow Strategic Plan for Cycling was launched last week.

GCC replied to our e-mail of 01 March on 09 March, after our letter of objection was received and the full text of both e-mails may now be seen on our Consultations page.