Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 88, 8 June 2021

Cambridge St bike lanes and planters

Last chance to make the city’s pop-ups become permanent.

Glasgow City Council’s consultation on its Spaces for People projects is in its last few weeks. There are also consultations and feedback about a few projects in the city. Elsewhere, there’s SfP in East Ren, ‘Discussion’ in East Dunbartonshire and a new road and potential new paths for Lanarkshire.

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Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 85, 27 April 2021

A few consultations from the shires and feedback from Glasgow.

This is the third Digest during the quieter pre-election period. If you want to know what some of the candidates had to say about cycling, you can watch a video of GoBike’s Hustings event. You can also see Pedal on Parliament getting their message across.

This Digest has news about Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Dunbartonshire. There’s also some feedback about developments in Glasgow.

Since COVID-19 restrictions are easing, the usual editor is away and the previous editor is filling in. So, there are no links to jump to the topics this time (knowledge update required!). However, things are still a bit quiet so it shouldn’t take long to scroll through.

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Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 82, 16 March 2021

A rush of closing consultations from inside and outside the city.

In this Digest there’s a mix of consultations from Glasgow and from all directions outside the city. Most are over before late March, which will mark six weeks until the Scottish Parliament election. This is the Public Sector’s ‘purdah’ pre-election period when projects tend to avoid new announcements (which could get caught up in electioneering).

That may be why there’s been a flurry of news about the next lot of Glasgow’s Spaces for People projects – including Howard St, Cambridge St and Royston Rd. GoBike first heard about these at the revived Glasgow Active Travel Forum, which met for the first time online earlier this month (previous meeting was Sept 2019!).

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Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 79, 2 February 2021

Sign showing NCNs 74/75 at N British Rd, Uddingston

Quick trips to the seaside, countryside and updates from around the city.

In this Digest there are two projects by housing associations to improve active travel connections. The South Lanarkshire, (Y)our Districts and Woodside consultations are each from a wider ongoing series of events but could play a big part in shaping the areas they cover. Lastly there’s a follow-up about East Renfrewshire and a few newsletters.

If you’re in the city, see Andy’s three infrastructure routes around Glasgow to take in new Spaces for People infrastructure. He’s also started to inform GoBike about closures and diversions; if you hear of any please do let us know.

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Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 76, 22 December 2020

Visualisation of Spaces for People measures on Armadale St

Mostly long term consultations except for a sudden Spaces for People scheme in Dennistoun.

Our blog post called it a ‘Low-ish Traffic Neighbourhood’. Does it qualify as an LTN? It’s included in one of Andy’s three infrastructure routes so you may get the chance to see for yourself if you’re in Glasgow.

There’s also a recent petition for segregated cycle lanes at the Kelvin Way-University Avenue junction (open for signing until 28 January). It’s near Hillhead Primary School, which also features for its School Street…

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Consultation Digest Issue 71, 13 October 2020: How do we talk about cycling and where do we store our bikes?

The language we use can be critical, as we know from so many spheres of our lives, so do please look at the journalism survey in Item 1.6.
Where can you store your bike if you live in a tenement etc? See the consultation on development in Item 1.7.
Plus we have important updates of speed cushions – confirmation of 8 more areas to be given this treatment, as well as less predictable issues, so do please read on.

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Consultation Digest Issue 70: 29 September 2020: Who are we designing streets for?

Our feature photo this issue shows the star of the film “Gone With The Wind”, Olivia de Havilland, at the age of 104, see this article from the Metro in July this year, riding her bike! Well done her, but would she have been able to negotiate our streets and cycle routes? How would a tricycle negotiate all the speed cushions appearing on our streets or the bollards on many of our cycle routes? Please do respond to consultations, particularly Item 1.9, Glasgow City Council looking for views on the future Transport Strategy, to ensure that cycling, and walking, are attractive options to us all and put your views and comments on the Streets for All Glasgow Commonplace Map, see Item 1.1.


Section 1: Current Consultations

  1. Streets for All Glasgow Commonplace Map, a joint GoBike, Glasgow Eco Trust and On Bikes map, please put in your proposals, comments and views
  2. **NEW** South Lanarkshire Council, Have your say on active travel, Carluke, Hamilton and Lanark, online surveys, close 04 October
  3. Glasgow City Council, Cleeves Road Traffic Calming Scheme, closes 08 October
  4. Glasgow City Council, Ashgill Road (Extension) Road Traffic Calming Scheme, closes 08 October
  5. Glasgow City Council, Ryehill Road Traffic Calming Scheme, closes 08 October
  6. Glasgow City Council, Ruchazie Road Traffic Calming Scheme, closes 08 October
  7. Glasgow City Council, Victoria Park Drive North Traffic Calming Scheme, closes 08 October
  8. UK Department of Transport, Review of the Highway Code to improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders, closes 27 October
  9. **NEW** Glasgow City Council, Connecting Communities, Transport Strategy Public Conversation Your views, closes 30 October
  10. Transport Scotland, Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2030 – Draft public consultation, closes 21 December

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations

  1. East Dunbartonshire Council, Proposed Local Development Plan 2, consultation starts 19 October

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

  1. Glasgow City Council speed cushion policy
  2. East Dunbartonshire Council, Local Development Plan Newsletter No 59
  3. Glasgow City Council speed cushion latest update!
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Consultation Digest Issue 69, 15 September 2020: What price public opinion?

It was hoped that today’s Digest would be shorter than previous ones, until 5, yes 5, new speed cushion “consultations” arrived last Thursday, but we have limited the space given to them. On the topic of speed cushions and road safety, what price public opinion? See Item 1.11 for more.
We also have a new Transport Scotland consultation and a Planning Application that need your action, so do please read on.
Importantly, if the Digests are to continue, we need a production team, not just one person, who is a volunteer, to produce them. Yes, we are all volunteers in GoBike, but if you think you can help with these Digests please do get in touch, either via Slack or email

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Consultation Digest Issue 67, 18 August 2020: Speed cushion special.

Our feature photo in this Digest shows a road in the east end of Glasgow which is proposed for speed cushion treatment in an attempt to reduce the speed of motor vehicles (see Item 1.4). As private motor cars have increased in width, so has the width of speed cushions and in Section 1 we include 8 speed cushion proposals with speed cushions of 1.8, 1.9 and 2.0m widths, leaving people cycling with the choice of either cycling up and over the speed cushion at a sensible distance from the kerb of 1.0m or in the gap at the kerb, as narrow as 0.5m in many cases, or out in the middle of the road.
Since 18 August last year GoBike has received 20 proposals for traffic calming, primarily on residential streets, in Glasgow using speed cushions, but not one for modal filters to prevent through motor traffic. It is motor traffic that causes deaths and injuries on our roads, with 160 deaths in Scotland recorded in 2018 and many more people injured, yet active travel, particularly in the more deprived areas of the city, fails to get the infrastructure it needs. Speed cushions are tinkering at the edges and a Scotland-wide political solution is required to make our neighbourhoods safe and pleasant for us all.

This isn’t all about speed cushions, though, so do please read on.

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