Byres Road, Glasgow – read what’s happening with the redevelopment.

We have received this news about the redesign of Byres Road:

What’s happening with Byres Road?

We may have been quiet since the launch event in February, but that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening!

Technical surveys
We’ve been using our enforced silence (due to elections in May and June) to do essential survey research.  A busy street like Byres Road is full of things we have to accommodate: underground pipes and cables, subway tunnel, buses, traffic and lots more besides.  

All of these things are ‘constraints’ that we have to design around, and we need to know what we’re dealing with before starting to work with you, the public, to redesign the face of the street.  We should finish that work in July.

Now that the elections are over and technical surveys are nearly complete, we’re almost ready to kick off our public engagement work again.  But to avoid conflicting with the holiday season, we’ve decided to wait until the school holiday season is over before organising any public events.

Library displays
So, for now, we’ve put up a display in Partick Library, containing the giant map of Byres Road from the February launch event with 200 people’s comments.  It’s a fascinating insight into Byres Road today, and people’s aspirations for it in the future.

The display will be moving up to Hillhead Library later in a few weeks’ time – we’ll let you know when.

Design events in late summer
Once the schools return in August, we’ll be holding a series of public design events, continuing on into September.  We’ll use these to test different options for the street with you. 

Dates will be announced next month in another email update like this – or you can keep up-to-date on Facebook (@ByresRoadCorners).

Over the summer we’ll also be engaging with the local business sector and specific user groups like disabled people, taxi drivers, bus companies and so on.

Overall timeline
The overall timeline for the project (see title pic) gives you an idea of what will happen when over the next couple of years.  You can see it at the Partick Library display too.

Thanks for your patience.  We’ll be in touch again next month!”

Please check in to the Facebook page (@ByresRoadCorners) to get direct updates.