Consultation Digest Issue 15, 07 August 2018: Ever had a puncture on Broken Glass? The Deposit Return Scheme Survey may help

It’s been another quiet fortnight on the consultations front but we have a couple of interesting ones for you to respond to. These are the Scottish Government’s Deposit Return Scheme and a final push on Pavement Parking from Living Street. We also have a reminder about the Buchanan Wharf development that closes today, and don’t forget the Glasgow North East Active Travel Routes Consultation Event tomorrow.

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Consultation Extra: Glasgow North East Active Travel Routes consultation event, Wednesday 08 August, 3pm to 7pm

We have recently been informed by one of our members – thanks very much Neil L – of this forthcoming consultation by Glasgow City Council:

“The North East Active Travel Routes consultation can be viewed via this link.

The closing date for consultation will be Wednesday 22 August.

A public drop in session will be held from 3pm to 7pm on Wednesday 8 August at Beatroute Arts Centre, 285 Wallacewell Road, G21 3RP.”

Do get along to the event if you can; there’ll be a reminder in next week’s Consultations Digest, and do have a look at the information on-line, using the link above or at: and


Consultation Digest Issue 14, 14 July 2018: Holiday time but do respond to the Lennoxtown plan and support the South West City Way with the new development on Clyde Place

Lennoxtown beneath the Campsie Hills and the Crow Road

For this fortnight we have good news for Lennoxtown as a draft place plan consultation reaches us – but do they go far enough for active travel? We also have some of the detail for the development at Clyde Place, Tradeston, now to be known as Buchanan Wharf. In other news we also have some interesting feedback from Glasgow City Council, and Sustrans are undertaking a review on the National Cycle Network. Other than that been it’s very quiet, giving us time to get out and cycle. Continue reading “Consultation Digest Issue 14, 14 July 2018: Holiday time but do respond to the Lennoxtown plan and support the South West City Way with the new development on Clyde Place”

Consultation Digest Issue 13. Parking – we are not amused, but some good news on segregated cycle lanes

Glasgow Parking

We know that most of our members are concerned about the extent of on-road parking in the city, and this week we have two items on parking – see items 1.3 and 3.1. We have responded on a new Concordat between Glasgow City Council and the Third Sector (see item 1.1), and we hope that its implementation will bring changes to the current lack of early meaningful consultation, that all too often leaves us with objecting to a Traffic Regulation Order as our only option. For the good news on segregated routes, see our items on Connecting Woodside, the Argyle Street Avenue and Bunhouse Road.


Section 1: Current Consultations

  1. Third Sector Concordat, closes this Friday 13 July
  2. Argyle Street Avenue, closes 13 July
  3. Woodside Parking and cycle access, closes 13 July
  4. Connecting Woodside, closes 17 July
  5. Bunhouse Road and Benalder Street, new cycle lanes, closes 27 July

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations

  1. Old Dumbarton Road, cycle lane (in connection with Bunhouse Road, 1.5)

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

  1. Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill West parking


Section 1: Current Consultations – in date order for responses

1.1 ** NEW** Glasgow Third Sector / City Council Concordat, closes 13 July

We heard about this from GoBike member Neil, who works at Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust and De’ils On Wheels and whom many of you may know. We agree with him that there is potential for Glasgow City Council to improve their relationship with groups in the third, ie voluntary sector, which includes GoBike, so we have responded on-line with this: Third Sector Concordat GoBike response 040718

We are very concerned that frequently our only option is to object to a consultation when we would very much prefer to be involved earlier in the discussion, so that our views as a group campaigning for public statements on active travel to be put into practice, are taken into account.

Do please read the Concordat and respond, either as an individual or encourage the organisation/s you are involved with to respond.

This is the text from the GCVS newsletter:

“Glasgow Third Sector Interface (TSI)  partners and Glasgow City Council have agreed to create a Concordat that sets out the principles which will underline a refreshed relationship between the Council and the third sector. A draft of the Concordat is now out for consultation. You can read it here.

The Consultation will be open until 13 July 2018 and can be completed online here.
The TSI believes that the new Concordat will offer greater engagement and new opportunities for partnership working between the Council and the third sector, and we are looking forward to the final Concordat being launched, and to working on the all-important Action Plan that will seek to put some of the principles in the Concordat into action.

A very busy event held at The Albany this month saw representatives from a wide range of third sector organisations come together to give their thoughts on the draft. As was to be expected, while people were generally happy to see progress being made, many are keen to see what the Action Plan will look like, and to find out how this new approach will be evaluated. The TSI will aim to ensure that people are kept informed as this work progresses.”

1.2  Argyle Street Avenue, closes this Friday, 13 July

This was a new item in our last Digest 12 and we do encourage you to complete the short on-line consultation, see:  Information on the Avenues is given here and you can see the visuals for Argyle Street here

We have now sent a short letter of support to the design team, see: GoBike Argyle Street comments 090718 This is just the sort of streetscape we wish to see in the city.  By return we have been put on the mailing list for future Avenues consultations, so we will be able to keep you up-to-date.

1.3  Woodside Parking and cycle access, closes 13 July

We have mentioned this before, (Digest 11) and it’s one that we support. Parking of the irresponsible nature shown in this photo needs to be stopped.


We are also pleased to see that, while North Woodside Road will be closed to traffic, cycles will be exempted. This is a move that ties in with all policies to promote active travel and it’s good to see action of this type in the city. Here’s our response to the Traffic Regulation Order: GoBike Woodside Parking support 090718

There’s still time for you to add your support.


1.4 Connecting Woodside, on-line consultation closes 17 July

Details of this were in Digest 12 and there is an online consultation, which you can find at  The consultation information is at  We have sent in this short letter of support, with a couple of comments, to the proposals: GoBike Woodside comment 090718


1.5  Bunhouse Road and Benalder Street, Segregated cycle lanes, closes 27 July

Digest 12 gave information on this Traffic Regulation Order, which was issued further to moves by Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council to improve conditions for walking and cycling in their area. We asked three questions of the City Council about these plans and we received the following replies:

  1. The crossing from Bunhouse Road over Dumbarton Road/Argyle Street to Kelvingrove Park: “A full signalised junction with a diagonal crossing introduced for cyclists will replace the existing Toucan crossing. The cycle phase will operate in tandem with the pedestrian phase of existing crossing. Signage and screed will be introduced at the north side of the crossing to reduce potential cyclist / pedestrian conflict.”
  2. Will the cycle route on Benalder Street be segregated? “The cycle route will be segregated from other traffic along Ben Alder Street. The existing vehicle containment barrier will be retained.”
  3. Is a new 2-way cycle route shown on Ferry Road and Old Dumbarton Road? “A separate redetermination order will be promoted”  

There’s a bit more information on Ferry Road and Old Dumbarton Road in item 2.1 below. We got a prompt response to those question but have not yet heard back on two further questions, the first about the footway on Bunhouse Road, and the second about arrangements at the north end of Benalder Street, at the junction with Beith Street. This apart, we are generally supportive of these measures.

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations

2.1  Ferry Road and Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, proposed new cycle lanes

We have heard about this through our queries on the drawing issued for Bunhouse Road, and the full reply to reply to our question about a new cycle route on these two streets is “There is an existing shared path along this footway from Bunhouse Road to Ferry Road. A separate redetermination order will be promoted to split the path between cyclists and pedestrians as well as extending the route to the existing crossing at Yorkhill Street. The existing path will be widened to a minimum of 5m (3m cycles, 2m pedestrians).”  This, while it’s not a major route in the city, is one we will support on the grounds that the local community is looking to improve active travel, and the existing shared route is of low quality.

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

3.1 Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill West parking

In Digest 12 we published our comments on the proposed parking changes in this area, GoBike Hyndland Hughenden & Dowanhill West comments 250618 and we have now received this quite astonishing reply: H H & D GCC response to GoBike comments 040718  It includes the statement “residents have no alternative but to park on Clarence Drive overnight” prompting the question as to whether the City Council has a responsibility to provide residents with parking space for private vehicles. Reference is made to an objection GoBike submitted in 2014, Go Bike GCC Colleges Phase 2 Objection 290914  This was a very detailed letter in which we highlighted many areas where we considered the proposals brought forward at that time to “upgrade” the Colleges Cycle Route, needed considerable improvement and yet, instead of revisiting their design, the City Council used our objection as a reason to abandon any improvement. The fact that this objection has been brought up by them again with reference to this, highlights even further why we feel the need for a much needed overhaul and improvement of the council’s consultation process.

We will be responding.

So that’s it this fortnight but please e-mail us on particularly if you know of any consultations from local authorities other than Glasgow, which we should be aware of.

Consultation Digest Issue 12, the full version, 26 June 2018, Community Activity around Kelvinhall and proposed buildouts and speed cushions impeding cycling near Glasgow Green

We now have the first traffic regulation order for the proposals put forward by Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council. This is a very pro-active community council, working hard to improve the area and keep residents informed (see 1.6). This is also your last chance to comment on the notorious Byres Road proposals, so please read on.

The unplanned preview on Sunday of this Digest gave you a taste of what was to come, but review and completion have introduced changes from item 1.3 onwards, so there’s more for you to read – and take action on.


Section 1: Current Consultations

  1. Byres Road, Glasgow, closes tomorrow, 27 June
  2. Greendyke Street, traffic calming, closes 29 June
  3. Argyle Street Avenue, closes 13 July
  4. Woodside Parking and cycle access, closes 13 July
  5. Connecting Woodside, closes 17 July
  6. Bunhouse Road and Benalder Street, new cycle lanes, closes 27 July

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations

Empty section this time, but there will be more in the pipeline for Argyle Street, Woodside and around Yorkhill and Kelvingrove.

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

  1. Collegelands Barras Meatmarket: the GoBike submission
  2. Yoker to Knightswood Cycle Route: the GCC reply
  3. Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill parking: the GoBike submission


Current Consultations – in date order for responses

1.1 Byres Road, Glasgow, closes tomorrow, 27 June

Here’s the link for anyone who hasn’t yet responded to these appalling plans to change the look of Byres Road yet not improve the cycling environment: We have more info here on our response.

1.2 Greendyke Street, Glasgow, traffic calming, closes this Friday, 29 June

All the details were in the last Digest (see: Digest 11 ) and our letter of objection is here: GoBike Greendyke Street Traffic Calming 210617.  We don’t consider that buildouts, which push bikes out into the centre of the road, and speed cushions are the way to provide a good cycling environment.

1.3 **NEW** Argyle Street Avenue, Glasgow, current on-line consultation closes 13 July

If you saw our recent Consultation Extra, you will be aware that there has been some on-street consultation recently for the outline proposals for the Argyle Street Avenue, from Anderston Cross right through to Trongate and Glasgow Cross. West of Glasgow Central Station, it is proposed that the current four traffic lanes are reduced to two, with a one-way cycle lane each side, and there is a similar arrangement proposed for Trongate. There will be little change under the Hielanman’s Umbrella, but there is the possibility of buses being introduced, travelling east only to the current “pedestrian” precinct (it’s a core path, so cycling is allowed). This has been advocated to reduce pollution from the braking and acceleration required to turn 4 corners, ie into Queen Street, into Ingram Street, into Glassford Street and finally back into Trongate, as well as by disability groups because of the current distance to bus stops and by some of the retailers.

There have been some rather scathing comments on-line about the introduction of vegetation; this is not simply to look nice but it serves a very useful purpose by providing drainage  Trees are proposed where there is room for roots, much smaller plants where Argyle Street is directly about the low-level train lines.

There’s a very simple on-line consultation survey on the City Council website:  Please do support this – stakeholder consultation is now starting, and at one event with at least two local Community Councils represented the whole ethos was about getting people walking, cycling or using public transport to get about the city, rather than the private car.

1.4 Glasgow Woodside Parking Controls, closes 13 July

We told you about these proposals last time (see: Digest 11 ) and we will be replying with approval. We know that many residents across the city are plagued by random, uncontrolled parking, and steps need to be taken to control it. Parked cars are taking up the space where our cycle lanes should be.

We are also pleased that cycling will be maintained on North Woodside Road, and we are looking forward to the proposals for Connecting Woodside (see 1.5).

1.5 **NEW** Connecting Woodside, Consultation Event today, on-line consultation closes 17 July

Our recent Consultation Extra gave details of the Consultation Event to be held today, at Woodside Library, St George’s Road, from 3:30 – 7pm. The current proposals are more extensive than those we saw last year and actually now include a connecting cycle route along St George’s Road from St George’s Cross to Sauchiehall Street. With this consultation we are delighted to see some joined-up thinking on linking up our routes.

The text of the e-mail we received from Glasgow City Council on 19 June reads:

Good day

You may be aware of Glasgow City Council’s bid for funding to Transport Scotland’s Community Links Plus competition with the Woodside Mini Holland bid. The competition was seeking exemplar projects that promote walking, cycling and public space.  

Glasgow City Council submitted the project bid last year and were up against 37 other national bids. Woodside Mini-Holland was announced as a winner in November 2017. The project is now known as ‘Connecting Woodside’.

To follow up consultation undertaken throughout the last year GCC and Sustrans will be holding a public walk-in engagement event with a supplementary online consultation to gather further comments on specific sections of the project.

The public engagement event will focus on specific sections of the project; mainly:

  • Garscube Road
  • North Woodside Road crossing at Maryhill Road

We are proposing a number of changes to improve the environment for cyclists, pedestrians, local residents and businesses. New designs could see the implementation of:

  • New pedestrian crossings
  • Segregated cycle lanes
  • Reallocation of road space.
  • Junction redesign at Garscube Road / Possil Rd Cross and Garscube Rd/Firhill
  • Crossing reallocation and public space treatment on North Woodside Road at Maryhill Road

A public drop in session will be held on:

Tuesday 26th June


Woodside Library, St. George’s Road

G3 6JQ

Information and an online survey will be available from the 19th June for a period of 4 weeks. The online consultation tool will be available at: Please enter as many comments on the map as you would like e.g.  ‘I would like a crossing here as it is difficult to cross’.The website will remain open for comments, however the closing date for consultation responses will be the 17th July.

Consultation materials for project can be found here: ”

1.6 **NEW** Bunhouse Road, segregated cycle lane, closes 27 July



This proposed Traffic Regulation order covers not just the replacement of the current shared footway cycle route outside Kelvinhall but introduces a new one on Benalder Street.



It has come about through the efforts, as we said in the introduction, of Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council, to improve their area and let their residents walk, cycle, and enjoy their locality.

Here is the text of the e-mail that we received from Glasgow City Council on 15 June:


The Glasgow City Council (Bunhouse Road) Order 201_

Further to my consultation of 11th May 2018 and in accordance with statutory procedures, I now enclose a copy of proposed order and plan showing the extent of the order.

The proposals are as follows: 

  1. Removal of metered parking on Bunhouse Road and extending ‘No waiting, no loading at any time’ restrictions on the West kerbline.
  2. Relocation of disabled parking on Bunhouse Road from West to East kerbline.
  3. Proposed segregated two-way cycleway on West footway of Bunhouse Road.
  4. Proposed two-way cycleway along east kerbline of Benalder Street at carriageway level.

Any person wishing to object to the proposed Order should send details of the grounds for their objection either in writing to Land and Environmental Services, Glasgow City Council, 231 George Street, Glasgow G1 1RX by Friday 27th July 2018 or by email to  Objections should state the name and address of the objector, the matters to which they relate and the grounds on which the objection is made.”

The documents they provided are: NoticeOfProposals-BunhouseRoad-190x85mm-RTO  KATR_Report_June2018  5116-SK003 Bunhouse Road Proposed TRO Sheet 1 of 2  5116-SK004 Bunhouse Road Proposed TRO Sheet 2 of 2  Statement of Reasons

Before we reply, we have asked the following questions of the City Council:

  1. Bunhouse Road: at the northern end, what are the crossing arrangements at Dumbarton Road?  It looks as if cycles will be separated from the current pedestrian and cycle crossing, with less potential for confusion but will the 2 crossings work in unison, will there be traffic lights etc?
  2. Benalder Street: it looks from the drawing as if the 2-way route on Benalder Street will be segregated from the car lanes but this is not confirmed in the information provided.  Could you clarify please?
  3. Ferry Road and Old Dumbarton Road: is this a new 2-way cycle route on the east/south side of these 2 streets and, if so, will this be the subject of a forthcoming TRO?

We will, hopefully, be able to publish the reply and our response to these proposals in the next Digest.

Section 2. Forthcoming Consultations

There are none at the moment that we are aware but we look forward to more detailed consultation on Connecting Woodside and the Argyle Street Avenue project.

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

3.1 Collegelands/Calton Barras Meatmarket redevelopment

This was covered in our last Digest (Digest 11) and we sent our response in on 15 June. We were disappointed that a cycle route was only added after a consultation event and would like to see Glasgow City Council being more active-travel-minded throughout. Here’s our letter: GoBike Calton Barras Meatmarket comment 150618

3.2 Yoker to Knightswood cycle way

In our last Digest (Digest 11) we copied the e-mail sent to Glasgow City Council expressing concern about cars parking over the “buffer zone” on part of this route leading to the new BMX track in Knightswood Park, and a very uneven and not very dropped kerb at one location. We have now had a response from Andrew Brown, head of the cycle team:


Dear Ms Fort.

Many thanks for your email with regards the cycle facilities within Knightswood.

As you note there is still a significant amount of works to be completed as part of this project. With regards to your concerns regarding the kerbs where the cycle lanes join the shared surface I will have an inspector view these to assess the installation. However I would note that these kerbs will not be installed flush to the carriageway but will have a 5-10mm upstand to prevent water ponding at the transition.

With regards to vehicles parking partly on the footway, I would note that this section of works is not complete and additional lining and signing is still to be installed. This will hopefully reduce the level of parking, however once the job is complete monitoring will take place to assess if any further action is required.

I trust this information is of assistance.”

3.3 Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill East, Traffic Management and Parking Controls TRO

The details of this TRO were given in Digest 10 (Digest 10) and introduce parking controls in this residential area, which has been suffering from displaced parking from surrounding areas where parking controls were introduced some time ago. The TRO doesn’t do much for cycling but there is to be some contraflow cycling, allowing some permeability. Comments closed yesterday and here’s our response: GoBike Hyndland Hughenden & Dowanhill West comments 250618




Consultation Extra – first chance to comment on the ARGYLE STREET AVENUE, Glasgow



Yes, plans are afoot for the Argyle Street Avenue, see:  which contains, as well as the background details, this information:


On Street Consultation Schedule
Friday 15th June – 10am – 2pm – Argyle St at Buchanan St
Friday 15th June – 2pm – 6pm – Hielanman’s Umbrella
Saturday 16th June – 10am – 2pm – St Enoch Sq
Saturday 16th June – 2pm – 6pm – Trongate
Sunday 17th June – 10am – 2pm – Trongate
For the latest updates check twitter @GlasgowCC as this schedule may be subject to change at short notice”

The article also states that “the project will examine public demand for walking and cycling provision” but as you can see from their photo, which we have reproduced above, they already show bikes pushed to the side with people walking, not a good situation.  Argyle Street is a core path, so let’s make sure for all of us who cycle there that we get good cycle lanes.


Consultations Digest Issue 9, 15 May: Cycle Lanes and Hazardous Access to Glasgow City Centre plus Dangerous Roundabouts in East Renfrewshire.

East Renfrewshire Council are asking for views on both the Eastwood Toll Roundabout( A77/A727), (pictured left) and the Spiersbridge Roundabout (A727/B769) (Item 1.1) and in other news, yes that’s right, Glasgow City Council are unable to give us cycle lanes along Bridge Street to get us to the Clyde (Item 3.1).

As well as this we have some exciting news from Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council, who are looking to make their area active travel friendly!  Let’s hope it catches on (Item 1.7).

1. Current Consultations

1.1  Eastwood Toll Roundabout (A77/A727) and Spiersbridge Roundabout (A727/B769), East Renfrewshire

Eastwood Toll Roundabout, during our Insert Loved One Here Campaign, pictured left.

We have been sent this letter asking for our input – Dangerous-Junction-letter-to-consultees-final-10-May-2018  – which begins “East Renfrewshire Council (ERC) will shortly be undertaking a cycling safety review at the Spiersbridge and Eastwood Toll Roundabouts. This is being funded by Sustrans’ Tackling Dangerous Junctions programme.” This is good news and we will be responding with our views before their review date of 4th June. If you would like to contribute to this, please get in touch either on the GoBike Slack Consultations Channel or by e-mail to Alternatively you may also wish to respond directly to the address on the letter.

We welcome this review, however the analysis of Strava and accident data by GoBike member Bob Downie, shows us that while these roundabouts could be improved, nearby roundabouts within the Glasgow boundary, attract even more accidents. The images to the left show heatmaps of cycle accidents (1999-2013) overprinted on Strava use (2014). “The Glasgow City Council roundabouts of Auldhouse, Pollok and those on Shieldhall Road stand out as bulls-eyes with Auldhouse the absolute nightmare.” 

So, let’s help East Renfrewshire to improve their roundabouts and then we can ask Glasgow City Council just what it is doing about its roundabouts. Has this Council decided to take advantage of the Sustrans’ Tackling Dangerous Junctions programme? And other local authorities? They should all be jumping at this funding.

1.2 South City Way, Glasgow, closes 22 June


As per the Consultations Extra published on Thursday 10 May, Glasgow City Council are consulting on the South City Way, currently under construction from Victoria Park North, with public events on Monday and Tuesday this week.  We’ll be analysing the documents carefully and will be submitting our response well in advance of the 22 June deadline.  We’ll update you before the closing date.


Spring 2018 Consultations – SCW A3 poster-1


1.3 Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow, closes 18 May

We told you about the proposals for Queen Margaret Drive in our last Digest 8 and consultation closes this Friday, 18 May. So, if you wish to voice your views do look at the on-line consultation, or write into the City Council about this scheme, initiated by the local traders. Queen Margaret Drive is a link from the busy Maryhill Road to Byres Road (we are still waiting for this consultation, due very soon) and down towards Partick. Here’s the letter we have sent in:   GoBike Queen Margaret Drive comments 150518

1.4 Parking around Ibrox Stadium, closes 25 May

This consultation was included last time too in Digest 8 and we have now written in to support the restrictions on “park-where-you-will”. Who knows, they might even find some space for cycle lanes!  Here’s our letter: GoBike Ibrox Stadium Event parking letter 150518

1.5 Event Day Parking at Celtic Park, closes 01 June

Well, they couldn’t just restrict parking at Ibrox, could they?  So here is the e-mail that we received:


The Council propose to consider the introduction of the above named Traffic Regulation Order. Please find enclosed a copy of the press notice of the proposed Order, relevant map, statement of reasons, detailed report and FAQs.

Details of the proposals will also be available on the Glasgow City Council website at

As stated in the attached documentation, any person wishing to object to the proposed Order should send details of the grounds for objection in writing to 231 George Street Glasgow G1 1RX or by e-mail to by 1 June 2018.”

And here are all the documents showing what is proposed: CelticPark & Emirates Arena Press Notice  Celtic Park and Emirates Arena FAQs  09.01_-_Draft_Report  08.01 – Statement of Reasons  Celtic Park and Emirates Arena – Proposed Event Day Parking Scheme – Plan 1  Celtic Park and Emirates Arena – Proposed Event Day Parking Scheme – Plan 2  Celtic Park and Emirates Arena – Proposed Event Day Parking Scheme – Plan 3  Celtic Park and Emirates Arena – Proposed Event Day Parking Scheme – Plan 4  Celtic Park and Emirates Arena – Proposed Event Day Parking Scheme – Plan 5 & 6  One of the plans was too big to include on our wordpress site so you will need to go to the City Council’s website for that, but unless we hear from you all to the contrary, we’ll be submitting a letter of support similar to the one above for the Ibrox area.

1.6 Woodside, Glasgow, proposed 20mph speed limit, closes 15 June

We put all the details of this in our last Digest 8. 20mph is proposed for the area bounded by Maryhill Road, Garscube Road, the canal and New City Road. GoBike supports Mark Ruskell, MSP’s bill for 20mph as the default speed limit in built-up areas and our concern with this piecemeal approach is the lack of consistency in speed limits and the lack of enforcement. Our response to this will be completed soon.


1.7 Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council, Glasgow, Cycle Village Proposal, Consultation Events 09 and 13 June


Yes, we’ve been saving the best until last!  Kelvingrove and Yorkhill Community Council are holding two consultation events at Bike for Good, Kelvinhaugh Street, on proposals to make their area active travel friendly!  Let’s hope other Community Councils do the same.  Please look at the website link:  and the Facebook event details:  and:



2. Upcoming Consultations

2.1 Byres Road 

Yes, we are still waiting for this – and the suspense is almost getting too much. Please watch our communications closely for any last minute consultations that come out.

2.2 Parking in Lenzie, East Dunbartonshire

We’re expecting details of a Traffic Regulation Order through the post (yes, Royal Mail post) quite soon.

3. Consultation Feedback

3.1 Clyde Place and Tradeston Traffic Regulation Order

This is Bridge Street in Glasgow, looking north from Nelson Street, with five, yes FIVE lanes of traffic. The two on the left, blocked off to through traffic, are used for parking, as is the lane on the right, leaving only two lanes open for southbound traffic. Under the latest TRO, it is proposed to have three lanes of southbound traffic and two lanes of car parking, with no explanation as to why this extra lane capacity is required, and no valid explanation as to why there can’t be a northbound or even a southbound contraflow cycle lane too! Here’s the letter we’ve submitted: GoBike Tradeston Clyde Place comment and partial objection letter 010518 and here is the text of the e-mail that we got in reply:  LES response 110518  We are less than happy!

3.2 Govan Water Row redevelopment

We aren’t quite clear as to when this closes as it’s part of an ongoing redevelopment plan for Govan.  All of the details are in our last Digest 8 and we have now replied, hoping that the area, soon to be connected to Partick with a new cycle/pedestrian bridge, will be an active travel friendly place. see: GoBike Govan Water Row comment 150518

So, lot’s to take in, folks, but do let us and the local authorities know your views.



Consultations Extra! Glasgow’s SOUTH CITY WAY events Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 May

News just in: The Traffic Regulation Order for the southern part of the South City Way, the latest flagship cycle route from Glasgow City Council is now out.  The 5 associated documents are below, but there are to be 2 public consultation events on Monday 15 May and Tuesday 16 May.

Monday, 3pm – 6:45pm, Conference Room, Govanhill Housing
Association,Samaritan House,
79 Coplaw Street, Glasgow, G42 7JG

Tuesday, 3pm – 7pm, Citizens Theatre, 119 Gorbals Street, Glasgow, G5 9DS

See these documents for further details: Spring 2018 Consultations – SCW A3 poster  Residents letter May 2018 consultations

The TRO documents are here: TS-5056-M-000-P-039A-TRO  TS-5056-M-000-P-038A-TRO  SCW_Pressadvert_08May18  SCW TRO report  SCW (Victoria Rd _ Pollokshaws Rd)_SOR

We will be reminding you of this TRO consultation, which closes on 22 June, in our next Consultations Digest, out next Tuesday, but do please have a look at the documents, see if they match up to expectations and, if you can, get along to at least one of the 2 public consultation events.

Join Ziya as he cycles for Amnesty from Land’s End to John O’Groats, staying with a GoBike member on the way

Ziya Kocabiyik, originally from Turkey, but currently living in Chelmsford, near London, is a member of Amnesty International and has set off today, 04 May, to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats, to raise awareness of human rights issues in Turkey. When he arrives just south of Glasgow next Wednesday, 09 May, Ziya will be met in Hamilton by GoBike and Amnesty member, Jimmy Keenan, with whom he will be staying the night, in Uddingston, before cycling the 130 miles to Fort William on the 10th.

It would be great if people could join Ziya for a mile or two to cheer him on his way.  Here’s some information that Ziya has sent:

I have attached some maps and time and meeting locations.  In addition to attached maps, on 9th May, my cycling starts from Carlisle all the way to Glasgow. Before reaching Hamilton, I will be using road B7078 all the way from Uddington (near Douglas) up to Hamilton. I am planning to pass Uddington around at 2.45pm. Please let me know if anyone wants to join me that we can fix a location to meet.
Nejdet: 07491 369 298 This is my friend who will be escorting me during the ride with his car. I might not able to answer any call, but people can reach him and found out my whereabouts.”

And here’s some information from Jimmy: “Since he is by-passing Glasgow I thought some of us might like to join him on a small part of his journey. I understand that work and other commitments and timing  will make it difficult for many to be there but it would be great to have some kind of presence from Clarion and other potential A.I. supporters.Ziya and I will be at The War Memorial at the park on Bothwell Road, Hamilton, directly across from Hamilton Park Racecourse at 4pm. on Wednesday 9th. May.

He will stop off for the night in Uddingston and all present are welcome to a wee drink and a blether with Ziya at my house.

On Thursday 10th. May he sets off from Uddingston at 8am. on his way cycling 130 miles to Fort William. I will accompany him as far as Lenzie (if he can wait for me). We leave Uddingston from my house – very close to the cycle route junction of the NCR 74 and NCR 75. I do hope some can manage to join us, either on the Wed evening or on the Thurs. morning.

If anyone needs more details please email me, or ‘phone me at 01698 814824″.

Consultations Digest Issue 8, Two Busy Thoroughfares Seeking Good Quality Cycle Lanes… and lots more.


The junction of Eglinton Street, Nelson Street and Bridge Street is not one for the faint-hearted on a bike, but can it be improved?  See Section 1.1 below.


We mentioned both of these last time in Digest 7 but we now have more information on both the  Tradeston / Clyde Place and the High Street / Saltmarket Consultations and we need your help to press for good cycle facilities on these major roads.

We also have a reminder on Queen Margaret Drive (details issued last Thursday), a Glasgow consultation on Public Transport Services, plus one for Water Row in Govan and for parking around Ibrox Stadium, with, finally, just in yesterday, 20mph proposed for Woodside – something for everyone!

1.  Current Consultations

1.1 Tradeston and Clyde Place, Glasgow, closes 04 May, SO PLEASE COMMENT SOON!


It is proposed to redevelop the water front area, south of Clyde Place in Tradeston, with Clyde Place losing through traffic. We are concerned about both the maintenance of the excellent, separated cycleway along Clyde Place (part of the South West City Way) but also the council’s failure to direct cycles directly north from Eglinton Street (pictured), to the Glasgow Bridge and on into the city centre.

We have spoken to Glasgow City Council about the plans, see Digest 7 for the links to all the documents, and this plan is the critical one to look at, TRO_2017_013-002 – Clyde Place, Tradeston (Publication) (1 of 2). The information was sent by e-mail and here is the text:


The Council propose to consider the introduction of the above named Traffic Regulation Order.  Please find enclosed a copy of the press notice of the proposed Order, relevant map, statement of reasons, detailed report and FAQ’s.  Details of the proposals will also be available on the Glasgow City Council website at .

As stated in the attached documentation, any person wishing to object to the proposed Order should send details of the ground for their objection in writing to Andy Waddell, Head of Infrastructure and Environment, Land and Environmental Services, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX or by email to by 4 May 2018 .”

Our letter of comment and partial objection, giving our view is here: GoBike Tradeston Clyde Place comment and partial objection letter 010518

1.2 The High Street and Saltmarket, Glasgow, closes 07 May  Annoyingly, from this link one has to click on Current Consultations and work through the list to find the High Street and Saltmarket, but, as many of you will know, the High Street and Saltmarket are in a sorry state, with many shops closing and empty units. It’s a four-lane highway with heavy traffic volumes and no cycle lanes and next to no bus services. Despite this it is busy with buses as First Bus move their buses from the Gorbals depot to start their daily routes outwith the city centre and then bring them back at the end of the shifts. There’s an on-line consultation link from the webpage – do please complete it but we have also submitted this letter: GoBike High Street Saltmarket action plan comments 010518

There is also to be a drop in event on Thursday 03 May, 5 – 7pm at the St Mungo Museum at the top of the High Street near the Cathedral. This was originally to be just for local businesses but has now been opened up to everyone concerned about the area. Get yourself there if you want to know any more about what might happen to the area.

1.3 Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow, closes 18 May

There was a consultation on options for Queen Margaret Drive last November, and now there’s a further face to face event tomorrow Wednesday 2nd May, as well as an on-line questionnaire. We’ll be at the drop-in event and should be able to get our response out by the time of the next digest on 15 May.

Here is the wording from the on-line page:

“What do we want to know?

Glasgow City Council is holding an online consultation and walk-in session to assess how we can improve walking and cycling on Queen Margaret Drive.
We are investigating a number of possible options to improve the environment for cyclists, pedestrians, local residents and businesses.
New designs could see the implementation of:

  • Improved paths
  • Improved pedestrian crossings
  • Reallocation of road space
  • Cycle lane

This is to, improve public space, increase the number of cyclists, improve road safety and reduce sustainable transport journey times.

PUBLIC DROP IN EVENT (meet the project team) Wednesday 2 May from 3.00pm – 7.00pm at Scout Hall, 76 Kelbourne Street, G20 8PR”

This is important because, as you are probably aware, we are awaiting the imminent public consultation for Byres Road, immediately to the south, and wouldn’t it be good to have continuous cycle facilities that all can use?

1.4 Glasgow Public Transport consultation on-line, closes 11 May


This is one where you can vent your anger at all sorts of things about public transport in Glasgow, so get stuck in!



1.5  Water Row Masterplan – Public Event, 3-7pm , Thursday 03 May 2018 at the Pearce Institute, Govan. 

Here’s the information we have been sent:

“Please join Collective Architecture and the Masterplan Steering Group on Thursday 3rd May to find out more about the emerging design for Water Row. Development options for the site will be presented to the public for the first time at this event. The different design options have been informed by the huge amount of consultation with local people and groups that has taken place over the last three months and we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to date. We are keen to get your views on the design and look of the development at Water Row but also all the uses you’d like to see there and how you feel these new uses and activities could bring real benefits to Govan. This a drop-in event and is free to attend. We look forward to seeing you there.

Public Consultation Event: Thursday 3rd May 2018

3-7pm, Pearce Institute (MacLeod Hall), 840-860 Govan Road, G51 3UU

If you are looking for more information meantime you can catch up with the Water Row Masterplan Newsletter April 2018. This was delivered to more than 2700 homes in Central Govan during April to help keep everyone up to date.”

One of our committee members, who is also a Sustrans volunteer, has been following developments in Govan and tells us that “This is quite a crucial scheme since it includes the southern landfall of the Partick/Govan Bridge and parts of a traffic free route towards the Southern General. The scheme is specific to the Govan Cross area, and so the amount of cycling infrastructure is small.”

If you live in Govan or hope that the new bridge will help your commute to the area, do please get along to have a look at what is proposed.

1.6  Ibrox Stadium Event Day parking controls.

It seems that many football supporters drive to the game and clog the streets with their cars, so measures are now being taken to limit parking and encourage them onto buses – or even bikes! Here’s what we have just been sent:


 The Council propose to consider the introduction of the above named Traffic Regulation Order.  Please find enclosed a copy of the press notice of the proposed Order, relevant map, statement of reasons, detailed report and frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions Plan – Area 1 Plan – Area 2 Plan – Area 3 Plan – Area 4 Plan – Area 5 Plan – Area 6 Press Notice Report Statement of Reasons

Details of the proposals will also be available on the Glasgow City Council website at

As stated in the attached documentation, any person wishing to object to the proposed Order should send details of the ground for their objection in writing to Andy Waddell, Head of Infrastructure and Environment, Land and Environmental Services, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX or by email to by 25 May 2018.”

The plan overview is too large to load onto this site so, if you are interested, you will need to look at the council website listed above. GoBike’s view is generally that parking restrictions, if controlled, which these will be, are a good thing, so unless anyone tells us otherwise, we will probably write in to approve the proposals and perhaps even suggest that this gives the opportunity to give the good people of Ibrox some cycle lanes. We’d certainly love to see some on Paisley Road West.

1.7 20mph limit proposed for Woodside, closes 15 June

Just in yesterday from Glasgow City Council, another bit of the city is to get the very welcome 20 limit, but will it be enforced?  Here’s the information from the City Council:


Dear Sir / Madam


 The Council propose to consider the introduction of the above named Traffic Regulation Order. Please find enclosed a copy of the notice of the proposed Order, relevant maps, statement of reasons and detailed report.  Advert  Draft Report- Mandatory 20mph TRO – Woodside  Plan 1-1  Statement of Reasons 

Details of the proposals will also be available on the Glasgow City Council website at .  As stated in the attached documentation, any person wishing to object to the proposed Order should send details of the ground for objection in writing to Andy Waddell, Head of Infrastructure Environment, Land and Environmental Services, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX or by email to by Friday,  15 June 2018.”

We’ll be looking at this and drawing up our response in time for the next digest on 15 May.


That’s it this time – no feedback, no news of consultations in the pipeline – although the long-awaited parking controls for the bit of Dowanhill not yet covered will be rolling off the drawing board soon.

And keep your peely eyes out for movement on Byres Road. We may well need your help at short notice if things don’t look great for active travel there, and we expect that to be very soon.