Glasgow – Woodside “mini-Holland” – your views are sought for the improved funding submission.

Changes are afoot in the St George’s Cross area – again – and Glasgow City Council is asking for views from us all to maximise the effectiveness of their proposals.  Here is the e-mail we got today:

Dear Sir or Madam

You may be aware of Glasgow City Council’s bid for funding to Transport Scotland’s Community Links Plus competition with the Woodside Mini Holland bid. The competition is seeking exemplar projects that promote walking, cycling and public space.  

We submitted the Woodside Mini-Holland bid last year and were up against 37 other national bids. Woodside Mini Holland was a finalist but unfortunately this project did not win in 2016 (GCC’s South City Way Project won). We have resubmitted our bid with a revised boundary. While most of the focus is still on Woodside a part of the Woodlands area will be included (please see attachment).

For those that are interested we will be running an online consultation from the 19th June for 3 weeks.  A mailshot will be conducted on the 19th and 20th June to all 5648 properties within the map boundary with this information.

Online consultation will utilise:

  • The commonplace Survey tool  Please enter a many comments and proposals on the map as you would like e.g.  ‘I would like a crossing here as it is difficult to cross’.
  • The Place Standard tool. This is a good tool to get peoples view on the area across a number of topics.  Please go to and copy and paste the Group ID: PgmSd8NPND-9. The group ID means all results and comments will get sent to the Council automatically. This can take 5 minutes to fill out or as long as you wish depending on how many comments you would like to add.

Both online formats are available to use now.

We will also hold a drop-in engagement event giving you an opportunity to meet the project team on:

  • 23 June, 3:30pm – 7:30pm at Woodside Halls (Mid-Hall), Glenfarg Street.

Please feel free to forward this information to your members. As mentioned this is a competition for funding and local support is crucial if the bid is to be successful.



Craig O’Holleran

Glasgow City Council

Land and Environmental Services
4th Floor, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX, 0141 287 9020

Woodisde Mini Holland Overview – A3-2017 woodside active travel consultation Poster woodside active travel Postcard 1