Call for Action Day Tomorrow

Only one day to go until our Call for Action Day. We have had a great response, but can always make space if you want to come along too.

Please register below, so we have an idea of numbers coming.

The day is focusing on data and maps, in particular how we can use it as campaigners. To get us started, GoBike member and data guru, Bob Downie is going to provide an overview of how Strava data can provide an indication of where people want to cycle.

Strava is one of the more popular tracking apps used by cyclists interested in recording their activity. The company aggregates the usage data and from this heatmaps showing where Strava users prefer to travel are created. Strava users, however, are a self-selecting sub-group of cyclists and there is consequently some debate about whether their cycling activity matches that of all cyclists in general. If it could be shown that Strava users have similar behaviour to “all cyclists”, then the Strava heatmaps would be a valuable input into cycle traffic mapping and thus siting of new cycle infrastructure. This short presentation casts light on this question and shows how Strava heatmap data compare to roadside cycle survey data. 

After this it is going to be a hands on day, using pens, post it notes and maps, to identify – an outline strategic map, key routes for winter maintenance; and roads for priority maintenance all year round.  We look forward to see you tomorrow.

The Call for Action Day is being hosted by our lovely friends at Glasgow Eco Trust and De’ils On Wheels , so we will see you here:

Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre
64 Balmoral Street
G14 0BL Glasgow
United Kingdom

Which is here: