Clyde Place Glasgow: the transformation from 3-lane road to public realm moves on but it does mean changes for the South West City Way, from MONDAY 02 SEPTEMBER.

Just in this afternoon from our contact at the Barclays site on Buchanan Wharf:

“I wanted to make you aware of some works that will commence on Monday 2nd September which will affect the cycleway on Clyde Place. As you know, Clyde Place is being Stopped Up and will be replaced by Public Realm. The permanent Stopping Up Order comes into effect on 1st October 2019. The cycleway on Clyde Place needs to be temporarily diverted onto the Riverside Public Realm area to the north in order to facilitate works on Clyde Place.

The contractor plans to implement the diversion from Monday 2nd September to allow for some advanced works to occur ahead of the Clyde Place Stopping Up Order permanently coming into effect in October.

Attached is a plan showing how the cycleway will be diverted. Cyclists and pedestrians will be segregated on the diversion route. The plan has been agreed with Glasgow City Council. The diversion will be in place until August 2020, at which time the new Public Realm area will be complete. “

Disappointing that Glasgow City Council didn’t make us aware of these changes but do be prepared for a slightly different route, closer to the river, on your commute or other journey next week.

Here’s the diagram in pdf format as originally sent.