Glasgow’s Low Emission Zones – Your Help is Needed

Proposals for how the Low Emission Zones in Glasgow will run have just come out and they fall way below expectations. We have an urgent request for your help from Friends of the Earth who have an e-action open here calling for their reform. It only takes half a minute – please support this if you can.

** We only have until Tuesday 20th March to lobby the Environment Committee **

By the end of this year, the zone will only require 20% of buses to be Euro 6 compliant and the report suggests zero action on vans, lorries, cars and taxis for another four years.

This is despite the facts that:

– There is enough public money made available through the budget this year to fund 70-100% of buses

– SEPA modelling shows that if all buses are Euro 6 by 2019, there will still be illegal air pollution.

The Government’s commitment for clean air by 2020 will be totally unachievable, and a Zone which only applies to 1 in 5 of all buses, and no other vehicles, with no signs, no cameras for enforcement, is not a low emission zone, so the Government’s promise to have Glasgow’s LEZ in place by the end of the year is made a mockery of by these proposals.

The link to the e-action is here. Thanks for your support.