GoBike Call For Action Day 2019

The third annual GoBike Call For Action day will be taking place on Saturday the 31st of August, at the Heart of Scotstoun from 10:30 to 16:00.

This year we will be looking at mapping and the collection of data to help us campaign. Focusing on how we use to feedback to the council on consultations and encouraging money to be spent in areas that will give the greatest benefit to those on bikes. This will include looking at:

  • Strategic Cycle Routes
  • Local cycle routes, how to map
  • Key roads for maintenance and pot hole repair
  • Winter maintenance – key routes

These events are an opportunity for members to come together, to meet one another and put a face to those that you normally only converse with on Slack.

Call for Action Day 2017

On the day the pens, post it notes and large maps will be brought out so everyone can get proactive to: help create our strategic map; identify key routes for winter maintenance; highlight those roads for priority maintenance. 

GoBike successfully provided information on the location of new cycle parking, that we crowded sourced from our members and those who follow us on social media. This was done through using google maps.

New Cycle Parking Locations Crowd Sourced on Googlemaps

The day is aimed at people in the Greater Glasgow area who are looking to push things forward for cycling in the city and beyond. It will provide attendees the opportunity to meet, discuss and collaborate with other like-minded members and volunteers.

If you have a passion for helping make Glasgow and surrounds a healthier, happier and more pleasant place to get about, our Call for Action Day is the essential cycling date of the summer. Book your place now – tickets to this exciting campaigning event are free but limited.