South West City Way, Glasgow, ongoing works at the Barclays Bank Site, West Street

Have you been struggling to walk or cycle along West Street or from Paisley Road West to West Street along the South West City Way? Read on to find out what’s happening:

There was a short meeting today at the junction of Paisley Road West and West Street between Tricia, from GoBike, Ross, Principal Director – Traffic and Transportation (North) for the Design Consultants and John, Senior Site Engineer for the contractors. Those of you who were frustrated at seeing the “Cyclists Dismount” sign (the second

one in this photo) will be pleased to know that it was removed yesterday further to an email exchange between GoBike and the Design Consultants. At the meeting today we discussed the following points:

  • The current works to the footway at the west side of West Street into Paisley Road West will result in the footway being wider than it was
  • The hoarding that has been erected on the east side of West Street will be in position until some time in 2020 to protect the construction site
  • Only when that hoarding is removed will it be possible to build the new alignment of the South West City Way on the east side of West Street, probably late 2020
  • On Monday 12 August the current traffic signals will be replaced with temporary signals, which will include a cycle phase
  • The diagonal cycle crossing on West Street will be replaced, on a temporary basis, with a longer crossing, at less of an angle and extending further north, as per this photograph, taken from the south side. The new crossing will extend to the current gap in the fencing, where you can see 2 construction staff and 1 member of the public. (some people are already using this route)
  • New, temporary fixed traffic signals will be installed at the west side of this site in September

All this might be subject to change as is sometimes the way in the construction world, but discussion has been started and GoBike now has contact details for the relevant site managers. If you do have any concerns contact GoBike in the usual way – Facebook, Twitter, email to, but do please take care when going through this area as there may be short interruptions to your journey to allow construction traffic etc to move across the site.
And do remember that the end result will be a much pleasanter Clyde Place, with no through traffic at all.