It was beautiful and sad and perfect

We were devastated that someone tragically lost their life cycling on our roads in Glasgow this week. To show our support the cycling community came together and held a vigil at the scene. This included a two minute silence, which was started and ended by the ringing of a bike bell. During this we remembered a young woman and stood with her, her family, her friends and each other.

The number of people attending highlighted how hard this has struck home to everyone that has cycled on the roads of Glasgow. There were people of all ages and backgrounds, from commuters, local kids on bikes, all the way to gnarly couriers. It was a beautiful and sad and perfect response from our community.

People cycling in Glasgow experience danger on the roads on a daily basis. Our cycling infrastructure is currently few and far between, with much of it below standard. We urgently need greater investment for active travel from Glasgow City Council and Transport Scotland. There needs to be far stronger political will to push projects through faster. All of which should be backed up with better design standards.

There is a need and a demand to provide safe segregate cycle infrastructure that will enable everyone who wants to cycle in Glasgow the opportunity to do so safely. GoBike will continue to work to push for this, so that tragedies, as happened on Wednesday, never happen again.