Last call for GoBike help!

Do you have some time to give to GoBike to ensure the campaign can continue? Please get in touch at this email address to let us know and we can help you get more involved.

Our previous call for help has been fairly fruitful. We had originally planned a public Extra General Meeting as it had looked as though the future of GoBike was in the balance, but as we’ve had quite a few offers of help we hope that that is no longer going to be necessary.

Instead, we have decided first, to hold a meeting only for those who want to step up, and to hold it as a round table discussion and sign up to tasks. If you would like to come along and see how you might be able to volunteer to help please let us know. Drop us an email and we will send you over the details. So that email address again, is here – campaigns (@) !

Thanks to everyone who has helped to amplify our calls for this – we are heartened that our members are so keen for GoBike to continue.