News – Cycle Storage on Temporary Glasgow/Edinburgh Trains

We have had a notice in from Scotrail regarding cycle storage on trains between Glasgow and Edinburgh:

Information on the new electric trains (Class 385s)

As you may be aware from a number of articles published in the press over the last few months. Delays have occurred around the delivery of the new electric, class 385 trains, which in the future will run on routes between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

In order to support current service provision on this and other routes whilst we await the delivery of these new trains, ScotRail will be bringing into temporary service a number of class 365 trains. The 365 style of train does not have any dedicated or priority cycle storage and so ScotRail will be asking customers to place bikes in the vestibule areas as is common practice on some of our Strathclyde services. It is likely that class 365s will be implemented over the Summer and will run for a period of time until the 385s come into service.

GoBike believes that it is essential that space for bicycles is retained and will be keeping a close eye on these developments.