Hustings, 19 April, LibDem candidate, Robert Brown, South Lanarkshire

Robert Brown is an existing Liberal Democrat councillor on South Lanarkshire council and is standing for election on 04 May 2017.  Here is the text that he sent us:

Robert Brown is a Liberal Democrat Council Councillor on South Lanarkshire Council. He was MSP for Glasgow Region (1999 to 2011) and Deputy Minister for Education and Young People (2005-2007). He was spokesperson on social justice and housing, and later justice and civil liberties. HE fought Glasgow Region and Rutherglen constituency for the Liberal Democrats in the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections.

A solicitor by profession, he worked as a Procurator Fiscal Depute and latter became senior civil partner with a large Glasgow firm.

He was a longstanding Policy Convener of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, and served on the Steel Commission and the Campbell Commission which set out the Liberal Democrat vision for Scottish Home Rule within a federal United Kingdom.

He is currently Liberal Democrat council candidate for Rutherglen South Ward in the forthcoming council elections.”

Robert was the first candidate to forward information to us; details of the 4 further candidates will be published over the next 4 days.

UPDATE: Rutherglen and Cambuslang Main Streets, Survey – open to all

Yesterday we told you about a forthcoming meeting to discuss potential changes to both Rutherglen and Cambuslang Main Streets in South Lanarkshire.  What we hadn’t been told was that the meeting is only open to 1, or at the most 2, people from GoBike!  If you would like to go please get in touch via our Facebook page.  However, there is an on-line survey for each town – really easy to do so please complete them:




Rutherglen and Cambuslang Main Streets: How could they be improved? Consultation event.


We have been sent the following e-mail; you might be interested in replying to the online survey, if you travel through Rutherglen and/or Cambuslang – perhaps you, like me, get annoyed at all the parked cars in the bus/cycle lane?

Link for Rutherglen survey

Link for Cambuslang survey

We have one place at each of the following workshops, if you are interested in attending either or both of the event on behalf of GoBike! on the 7th (Rutherglen) or 8th (Cambuslang) please let us know via our Facebook page

“Good Morning,

We are working on behalf of Cam Glen Bike Town which is part of Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust looking at how Rutherglen and Cambuslang main street could be improved. We’d like to invite you to a workshop to generate ideas and discuss  how this could be done. This will take place on Tuesday 7th March (Rutherglen) and on Wednesday 8th March (Cambuslang) at 12.45pm both days (with a start at 1pm finish at 4pm). Please could you confirm whether or not you are able to attend as soon as possible.

 We will also be carrying out an on line survey. (see link above)

 Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Noema Azcona

Assistant Consultant