MORE PEDAL ON COP ACTION ON COP26 TRANSPORT DAY – Wednesday 10th 7:45am – 8:45am

This Wednesday morning (10th November) from 7:45am – 8:45am we are asking people with bikes to peacefully form a line along the edge of the pavement along Lancefield Quay, stretching out from the conference for everyone attending to see. We want to remind people going to the conference on that day (COP26 Transport Day) that active travel is a part of the solution to climate change. Please come and join us!!

Wednesday is ‘Transport Day’ at COP26 and active travel is not even on the table for discussions. Cycling provision around the city and to the conference itself has been dire throughout the COP. At the conference, discussions on electric cars are taking centre stage, in fact our sustainable form of transport doesn’t even get a mention:

Transport is now the UK’s biggest contributor to climate change (1). Yet nearly half (47.9%) of all journeys by car in Scotland are less than two miles (2). These are journeys that for many people could be swapped out for walking or cycling, if the conditions were made safer and more attractive. This needs much better investment and political foresight than we have for sustainable transport around the world. Meanwhile, the UK government are cutting the cost of car ownership. We need the COP to force this through if they are serious about the Paris Agreement to limit warming to 1.5 degrees.

Let’s build on the impact we had at the climate march on Saturday – bring your banners, make some more, and help us remind the conference that ‘This machine fights climate change’.

Meet us on Lancefield Quay near the Squinty Bridge / Clyde Arc at 7:45am, or if the line has formed by the time you get there, slot yourself in! Please remember to keep a space between you and the next person to allow the public through if they need.

The Pedal on COP26 Cycling and Sustainable Transport Bloc organised by Pedal on Parliament at the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

Get Glasgow Moving are holding a demo on public transport from 9am at George Square – please go and join them afterward if you have the time! Details of their event is at this link.

GoBike had to add signs to help folk find their way around the poorly signed diversions. Needless to say, they were quickly removed by person or persons unknown.