Consultation Digest (National) Issue 12, 8 April 2022: The one before the local elections.

There’s less than a month until the local elections on 5 May and lots of ways to get involved. Call on your candidates and on politicians to support action for cycling – there’s a special roundup of election actions you can take at the end of this digest.

With the elections coming consultations have once again dried up. Like me, you might be grateful because its been a busy couple of months of writing responses. One left – the STPR2 consultation which closes on the 15th April.

Section 1: Current Consultations

(in date order for responses)

1.1: Transport Scotland – Strategic Transport Projects Review – STPR2

There’s only a few days left to respond to this important consultation. The format is mainly drop down menu style with extra space for comments about the recommended projects in each section.

STPR2 is a shortlist of transport infrastructure projects for delivery over the next 20 years which will help Scotland to decarbonise transport as well as other objectives. This is positive and a change from the first STPR which was notable for locking in high carbon infrastructure such as motorway building and the Queensferry Bridge.

However, STPR2 still has big projects – creating a network of cycle lanes is a big job – but different in that they will be delivered by multiple actors.

I have produced a guide (below) for Cycling UK, to help people respond to the consultation – anyone is welcome to use this. Read more background in the associated STPR2 blog post.Simple-guide-STPR2-response-Cycling-UK-ScotDownload

The guide provide guidance on how to answer questions dealing with the recommendations that can benefit cycling, such as:

  • Active Freeway & Cycle Parking Hubs
  • Rural cycling connections
  • 20 minute neighbourhoods
  • Behaviour change projects
  • Access to bikes
  • Cycling to school
  • 20mph zones
  • Speed limits review

The guide doesn’t advise on the rights or wrongs of other projects such as the Glasgow Metro system!

Closes 15 April 2022

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations

Transport Scotland is developing a new Cycling Framework and Delivery Plan for Active Travel which is the follow up to the Cycling Action Plan. This will be very important for driving forward action on cycling so will be a highlight of a future digest.

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

None this month

Section 4: Election Actions Special

There are lots of way to get involved ahead of the election on 5 May. Below are a few of the actions you can take via active travel campaign partners. Sorry if I have missed any.

4.1: Cycling UK in Scotland – Scotland local election e-action

Cycling UK are calling for cycling revolutions in local communities across Scotland to enable more people to cycle for pleasure and short local journeys, in attractive and safe urban and rural spaces.

Councils must make this happen by spending the record levels of funding now available for cycling, walking and wheeling on high-quality cycle routes and other projects which make neighbourhoods better for people.

Election webpage – for more information
Manifesto – 10 things councils must do
Petition – how you can join in calling for action – please sign.

Cycling UK also has a new Election 2022 toolkit for cycle campaigners.

4.2 Pedal on Parliament

Join thousands of others on Saturday 23 April in Edinburgh for a 10-year anniversary Pedal on Parliament. More information about the ride, which starts at 1pm, is at

Pedal on Parliament graphic promoting event on Sat. 23rd April at 1pm from Chambers St to Holyrood, Edinburgh

4.3 Walk Wheel Cycle Vote

WWCV focusses on accessibility in active travel infrastructure and public spaces. See the WWCV website to contact your candidates. Also use your social media accounts to post photos of good infrastructure near you and use the hashtag #MoreOfThisPlease.

4.4 Ramblers Scotland

Ramblers Scotland’s election page has five things you can do ahead of the election.

4.5 Living Streets

Take action where you live.