Consultation Extra: City Centre & SPT Active Travel Strategies (20-10-23)

A few strategies missed out on the recent Digest, including the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) Active Travel Strategy. The council’s City Centre Strategy came out the day after the Digest but is obviously important for Glasgow…

Regional Active Travel Strategy

Garscube Road cycleway, partly funded by SPT (with Sustrans and others)

Organisation: Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT).
Subject: SPT are the public body who run Glasgow Subway and fund/co-ordinate some other travel services including bus routes and active travel routes (without always reconciling the two). For example, SPT were a funder for recent Dutch-style cycle junction works on the A77 Ayr Road. However, they also funded the 9-lane Pollok roundabout redesign and they’re a key partner in the Strategic Bus Partnership, whose bus lanes on key routes like Maryhill Rd and Paisley Rd West may conflict with protected cycle routes. They’re developing a regional Active Travel Strategy (ATS) and Network & Infrastructure Delivery Plan (DP). These follow their recently published Regional Transport Strategy (A Call to Action, 2023-2038). SPT want to hear “feedback on the key opportunities and problems associated with walking, wheeling and cycling across the west of Scotland.”
SPT online webinar – Monday 30th October from 6.30pm to 8pm on Microsoft Teams.
Website links: Regional Active Travel Strategy webpage, ‘project purpose’ Storymap and ATS public survey.
Deadline: 12 November 2023.

City Centre Strategy

City Centre Strategy graphic
Graphic from City Centre Strategy (trees/bike may not be to scale!)

Council: Glasgow City.
Subject: City Centre Strategy (CCS) 2024-2030 “brings together the “Big Moves” that will transform Glasgow’s city centre in the short to medium term.” The consultation questions will ask about these and: “three thematic pillars which will enrich the inherited features of Glasgow’s City Centre and shape a new cycle of shared opportunity: Magnetic Experience, Front Door for Innovation and A Place to Live.Redevelopment includes both Buchanan Galleries and the St Enoch Centre (see featured image), major housing developments along the Clyde, further Avenues and recommendations from the District Regeneration Frameworks (DRFs).
Website links: City Centre Strategy document (PDF, 7.6MB) and CCS survey.
Featured: Digest 128, 1.4 (DRFs).
Deadline: 3 December 2023.