#GlasgowCycleInfraDay18 ** this Friday 7th September **

The return of #GlasgowCycleInfraDay

The first GlasgowCycleInfraDay back in 2015, was the brainchild of our co-convenor David (a.k.a. Magnatom).  Shocked at the state of Glasgow’s cycle lanes he put out the call on his blog one Tuesday night.  With a little over 24-hours notice, the response from across Glasgow (and beyond) was phenomenal.

Following this original model we are giving you 48 hours notice with #GlasgowCycleInfraDay18 taking place this Friday 7th September.

The idea for #GlasgowCycleInfraDay is a simple one: we use twitter to record “a day in the life of Glasgow’s cycle lanes”.  A look at the good, the bad, and the simply absent cycling infrastructure over 24 hours.

Getting involved is even simpler still. Just grab your camera or your phone on the 7th , and if you see any cycling infrastructure you think is worth recording just take a photo and tweet it with this year’s hashtag #GlasgowCycleInfraDay18.  Say where it is, why you’re including it, and you’re done.

Just as we did last year, we will be collating the responses and handing them over to Glasgow City Council, to highlight where they’re letting us down and, just as importantly, what they’re getting right.  We’ll also be letting each councillor see what is going on in their ward.

To make it easier for us to do that, this year we need you to be as precise as you can about the location of the image.  In your tweet if you could please either tag the location or add the street name. It would also be really good if you could add the link to your tweet to our new #GlasgowCycleInfraDay18 map. This will allow others to see where has and where hasn’t been photographed across the city. The interactive map can be found here.

The more pictures we show the council, the more likely they are to understand what the city needs and this will help us be able to push for change.  So spread the word… and remember your phone/camera on September 7th.