Kelvin Walkway, Glasgow, forthcoming works to retaining wall – be aware.

We have been alerted by GoBike member, Alasdair (who is also a Sustrans volunteer), who has forwarded news of impending works works to a retaining wall on the Kelvin Walkway close to the junction of Garrioch Drive and Garrioch Quadrant.

This is likely to be carried out in the next couple of weeks and the City Council’s Outdoor Access Officer, tells us the cycle/walk way might be open outwith working hours.

If a diversion is needed then this route is suggested by GoBike ride leader, Andy, as the best under current circumstances with Scottish Water working in the area:

The best route is to leave the Walkway between the humpback Bridge and the Ha’penny Bridge, by the ramp on the right (travelling upstream) which leads to Kelvin Drive. Continue along Kelvin Drive through Kirklees roundabout into Garrioch Road. Garrioch Road has had green cycle lanes on both sides for many years, but are always parked on and have been since they were established. If these can be cleared of parking, (by the use of orcas?), then there will be a traffic free path along Garrioch Road. At Contin Place (just before the Tesco Roundabout), make a left turn, which takes you into Wyndford at the foot of a residential block. There is a path alongside the block which goes into Wyndford. We would need a dropped kerb installed to get cyclists on to the path and a notice and/or mirror because lines of sight are curtailed. This path leads to Wyndford Drive, which also needs a dropped kerb. Cross Wyndford Drive and go straight across into Southmuir Place (it has lock-ups below the flats on its right side) This takes you into Wyndford and you follow the path past the Scottish Power combined heat and power plant to rejoin the Walkway.

It’s no doubt wishful thinking that there will be orcas and dropped kerbs in place in time, but since works like this are normally just done with next to no regard for people who walk and cycle, and almost no notice given, we are telling you now, so that, if this is your regular route, you can watch out for the works.