Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 132, 30 March 2023

Behind the scenes.

Glasgow takes a back seat for once as Ayrshire dominates this Digest with a few major strategies and active travel routes. Elsewhere, a big development near Cumbernauld is back for round two.

Renfrewshire sees the latest knee-jerk reaction against cycling infrastructure that could be a crucial link between public transport and an NCN route.

(new consultations in bold)

Section 1: Current Consultations

  1. North Ayrshire Draft Local Transport & Active Travel Strategy
  2. Palacerigg Future Housing – Stage 2, Public Consultation
  3. Ayr to Barassie Active Travel Route
  4. North Ayrshire Council – Local Development Plan 3
  5. Devon Street Urban Park

Section 2: Consultation Feedback

  1. Causeyside St Regeneration – ‘bikelash’

Section 3: Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders

  1. East Dunbartonshire TROs
  2. North Lanarkshire TROs

Section 1: Current Consultations
(in date order for responses)

1.1: North Ayrshire Draft Local Transport & Active Travel Strategy

Council: North Ayrshire.
Subject: An overall transport strategy for North Ayrshire with an active travel strategy within it (page 24 onwards). The active travel strategy introduction includes collision data and case studies (like Trinity Active Travel Hub in Irvine). The rest has analysis and potential projects for different parts of the region (including Ardrossan Connections, as featured in previous Digests). Links to public transport are mentioned and it seems more in-depth than the public transport section, which doesn’t include specific projects. There’s a survey and remaining consultation events (early April in Millport, Saltcoats and Brodick).
Website links: North Ayrshire Draft Local Transport & Active Travel Strategy (PDF), North Ayrshire LTATS survey and North Ayrshire LTATS consultation webpage.
Deadline: 23 April 2023.

1.2: Palacerigg Future Housing – Stage 2, Public Consultation

Council: North Lanarkshire.
Subject: This stage 2 consultation comes hot on the heels of stage 1. It’s about plans for a large housing estate in the South Cumbernauld Community Growth Area. More details are included in PDF plans. There’s a short cycle route but it seems it’s only within the estate for some reason. There’s nothing about a crucial link to nearby Cumbernauld train station or Palacerigg Country Park. That seems to contradict National Planning Framework 4, which puts more emphasis on active travel.
Featured: Digest 129, Item 1.4.
Website links: Palacerigg Future Housing consultation (stage 2).
Deadline: 26 April 2023.

1.3: Ayr to Barassie Active Travel Route

Council: South Ayrshire.
Subject: Further stage of public consultation for the wider active travel route between Ayr and Barassie (the phase from Dundonald has featured in a previous Digest). The longer route is being called the Ayrshire Link. Consultation events have already started with a few still to go:
Drop-in session – Tuesday 4 April, 5pm–8pm, Walker Hall, South Beach, Troon.
Online session – Wednesday 19 April, 6pm–7pm
(register on Ayrshire Link website).
Featured: Digest 127, Item 1.1.
Website links: Ayr to Barassie Active Travel Route consultation page and Ayrshire Link website.
Deadline: 1 May 2023.

1.4: North Ayrshire Local Development Plan 3

Council: North Ayrshire.
Subject: First consultation stage for the next Local Development Plan by North Ayrshire. It may be one of the first in Scotland under the new National Planning Framework 4 (which came into force in February 2023). As a result, it should have more emphasis on the environment including active travel. Getting cycling routes/networks, developer obligations, etc. mentioned in the LDP makes them more likely to be delivered. Also, if developers proposals miss out or go against the LDP, these give people grounds to object and have plans altered or conditions added.
Website links: North Ayrshire LDP3 consultation website.
Deadline: June 28 2023.

1.5: Devon Street Urban Park

Organisation: Glasgow Urban Sports (GUS).
Area: Southside between Eglinton St and Pollokshaws Rd.
Subject: Formerly GUS M74, now revised and renamed… “The Devon Street Urban Park project is a proposal from Glasgow Urban Sports (GUS), a community led organisation, that aims to transform an unused area of land under the canopy of the M74 motorway, on the southside of Glasgow, to create a new public urban park and community leisure space.” While the project still involves building a skatepark it seems to have broadened out a bit to gain more community support. There are new partner organisations on board and a new survey to fill in.
Featured: Digest 92, Item 1.14.
Website links: Devon St surveynew GUS website.
Deadline: No obvious deadline.

2: Consultation Feedback

2.1: Causeyside Street Regeneration – ‘bikelash’

Council: Renfrewshire.
Subject: Plans for a protected 2-way cycletrack on Causeyside St linking between the pedestrianised area near Paisley Gilmour St station and NCN7 on Canal St. It would improve safety and may increase visitors to the area. However, some local businesses have voiced criticism – Phelps Butchers have this confusing quote: “We need an inclusive town that works for everybody, not one that’s been specifically designed for a minority”(!?). Businesses can’t complain about loss of car parking (the scheme would increase it) so they focus on disruption and only catering to cyclists. Despite the plans including more pavement space and buses stopping in the carriageway (which speeds up bus journeys). A petition by Paisley First has over 1,500 signatures. However, Paisley Community Trust promoted the petition on Facebook and got a mixture of comments for and against. GoBike encourages members around Paisley to write to the Gazette showing support.
Featured: Digest 126, Item 1.3.
Website links: Renfrewshire Gazette article, Paisley Community Trust Facebook post promoting the petition and previous PCT Facebook post (July 2022).

3: Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders

3.1: East Dunbartonshire TROs

East Dunbartonshire Council logo

Areas: Bearsden, Bishopbriggs, Clachan of Campsie and Kirkintilloch.
Subject: Orders about parking restrictions, electric charging and speed limits.
Website links: East Dunbartonshire TROs.

3.2: North Lanarkshire TROs

North Lanarkshire Council logo

Areas: Allanton, Cleland, Holytown, Morningside, Motherwell, New Stevenston , Shotts and Wishaw.
Subject: ‘Various Roads, Southern Area’ – Part-time 20 miles per hour speed restrictions. Deadline: 26 April 2023.
Website links: North Lanarkshire Live Consultations.