**Success!!** Byres Road Designs With Segregated Cycle Lanes Have Been Approved!!!

The design changes we’ve worked so hard to change, to include safe space for cycling, went to committee today and have been approved!!

Read the full council statement here!

This is fantastic news for cycling and walking on Byres Road. Congratulations to every member who played their part in this campaign, especially those involved in Space for People Byres Road.

As a campaign we stood strong in pushing for infrastructure that would be safe for ALL ages and abilities. We held our ground when we were told there wasn’t enough space, and also when we were told that if we opposed the original plans, we’d get nothing. The full background to our Paint is Not Protection campaign on Byres Road can be read about here:

The state of the plans for University Avenue are sadly not looking like they are going to form a part of a linked up network but we hope that other future developments will now look back to the Byres Road story and make inclusion for safe active travel an automatic assumption.

We send our thanks to councillors and council officers who listened, accepted that improvements were needed, and worked hard to get them through. Our thanks in particular go to Cllr Anna Richardson, Baillie Christy Mearns, and officers within both NS (LES) and DRS. Patrick Harvie MSP and Green Party campaigners also worked hard to canvas on the need for improvements.

As a result of our work, the future Byres Road will be a safer, cleaner, thriving street once again, and we can’t wait to see it. 🏆