Knightswood Park BMX track – Cycle Route access, part 1, Segregated


Glasgow City Council are planning a part segregated and part shared footway cycle route access to Knightswood Park, to be built in time for the 2018 European BMX Championships, for which the park will be a venue.

There was public consultation in August but we were not formally told of this although some of our members went along.  The Traffic Regulation Order that has been issued is sparse on information but after asking questions of the Council Officer who is dealing with the scheme we were sent drawings earlier this week.  These have helped to formulate our response: GoBike Yoker to Knightwood Sustainable Transport Corridor 1 171117  This is only to the segregated cycleway part of the scheme.  The more contentious part is the shared footway element and we’ll get our response to that out well before the closing date next month.

Consultation on this segregated element closes on 19 November and the TRO documents are here: YokerToKnightswood-NoticeOfProposals-230x114mm-RTO TRO no waiting no loading cycle track 1 of 3 TRO corner protection 3 of 3 TRO corner protection 2 of 3 TRO information Report

In summary, we support the segregated cycleway but have concerns about junction treatment, management of parking, the cycleway width behind floating bus stops, the robustness of the orcas without bollard reinforcement and the connectivity of the scheme.